10 Useful Tips For Enjoying Movies Alone

Nothing can beat the experience of going to the movies solo. And if the movie turns out to be exactly as you had expected it to be then its pure joy. Any movie buff out there will agree that it’s much better to enjoy a movie on your own then with company because then you can give your hundred percent to a movie without having to care for the other person’s comfort or discomfort and besides your judgment of a movie won’t be interrupted by someone else’s opinion. Don’t care to bother if people call you a loner or anything of that sort because only a true Cinephile will understand that a relationship with the movies is as serious as any other relationships around us. So from one solo movie goer to another, I offer you a few tips on how to make your solo time at the movies – at a theatre or at home – worthwhile for you. Alright, you don’t have to thank me for that.

10. If Possible, Catch First Day First Shows

Watching a movie before the rest of the world is not possible unless you are a member of the press or an in demand celebrity. So the only option for us movie loners is to catch the first day first show every Friday. Doing so has its own set of benefits – you are not exposed to reviews of experts or opinions of self proclaimed critics on social media. People now-a-days have a tendency to reveal the plot or an important twist from a movie on social media and the only way to escape such an exposure is to watch a movie at the earliest possible moment.


9. Always Watch at Your Favorite Theater

It’s preferable and advisable to have a fixed venue for your weekly dose of entertainment as comfort plays a huge role in enjoying a work of art. Also a familiar place gives you the luxury of dividing your time accordingly to devote yourself to a movie as you know how much time it will take you to reach the desired venue. As a regular customer of your choice of theatre you know the infrastructure inside out and you can choose the best seat location to get the best view in the room. Sounds good, right?


8. Book Your Tickets Beforehand

Booking for tickets before hand ensures that you won’t miss the first day first show of your favourite summer release. Apart from the obvious advantage of choosing the right seats and not having to queue outside the ticket counter it also make sure that you don’t have to spend your time worrying whether you will get a ticket or not.


7. Buy Your Favorite Snacks and Drinks

Food can be a great company when you are in for the long haul of watching a movie that consumes a minimum of around two hours of your time. Be it at a movie theatre or in your home, a collection of your favourite snacks near you is a double bonanza – you can enjoy the movie as well as munch into your comfort food. If you have a better idea then please pass it along to us.


6. Make Use of Discount Coupons

If you belong to the ilk that watches a movie or two every weekend then make a habit of using discount coupons or codes available online while booking your tickets. If you are a regular user of particular website, say like GroupOn (there are countless others too) then you must be knowing that they offers you discount codes on regular intervals. If you want to save money then catch the morning shows on multiplexes and book the front row seats if you are comfortable with it. Or if you are the single screen theatre type and don’t mind the amusing shouts and whistles then it is even better as they are much cheaper than the corporate owned multiplexes.


5. Choose the Movie Wisely

Everyone has different taste in movies and unless you are not a professional film critic it is not compulsory for you to watch every movie that releases on a particular Friday. If you have no qualms about watching movies of only a particular genre then it’s all good but most of us have our preferred genres like action, comedy, rom-com etc. So before booking your tickets make sure that the movie you are planning to watch falls under your preferred choice of categories and if not, are you willing to try something new this time around. Sometimes we all make an exception and go watch that summer blockbuster like ‘Jurassic World’ or ‘Beauty & the Beast’ even if we are not necessarily fans of fantasy movies or for that matter, musicals.


4. Don’t Be Late For a Show

I personally prefer to reach a movie theatre much before time and enjoy the atmosphere of excitement and anticipation. But all you people out there don’t necessarily have to do it. Reaching five minutes before the show begins ensures that there is enough time for you to settle down comfortably in your seat and be ready with a bucket of popcorn in your hands. This way you can enjoy the trailers that comes before the movie begins as well as enjoy the movie completely from the opening credits till the end credits stop rolling.


3. Make Small Notes

If you are an aspiring film critic or just someone who loves to write about movies then you should develop a habit of making small notes during the movie as many famous film critics around the world does the same. Be it a tiny notebook or on your phone, just jot down the important scenes or dialogues as you might not remember them as clearly later on since you are just a rookie. Also do it in such a way that the person sitting next to you doesn’t feel disturbed in any way.


2. Acquaint Yourself with the Movie

As mentioned earlier acquainting yourself with the movie before watching can be helpful for you. Some films are pretty simplistic but certain films like Christopher Nolan’s ‘Interstellar’ demands a prior knowledge of the subject matter the director is dealing with. Refer to the Wikipedia page of the film or read online articles if the topic is scientific or somewhat complicated for your understanding. There are however films which needs to be discussed or studied after watching them owing to a sudden or ambiguous ending. Its one thing to study the basic premise of a movie but at the end of the day a film is open book which can have as many interpretations as there are people in this world. Coming up with your own theory will help you to understand a film better.


1. Be Your Own Boss at the Movies

That’s the whole point, isn’t it? The idea of watching a movie alone so that you can do it in your own sweet manner. Be it an early morning show or a late night show, you don’t have to take anyone’s permission or wait or plan ahead to go watch a film. Be impulsive and watch a movie because you personally want to watch it, not because the critics are raving about it or your friends are recommending it to you. Movies appeal to every individual in a different manner so what works for you might not work for others. And besides every bad movie has something good in them and the vice versa is also true. The moral of the story being – enjoy the process of watching a movie rather than turning it into one of the many monotonous activities of your life. Go in with an open mind and be prepared to be surprised at any given instance. Cheers to the movies!

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