Tisheila Early: Former The Garden Member is Now a Business Owner

The concept of the commune presented by The Garden is something that has been intriguing to many of those who are interested in learning skills useful in an off-grid life. While Tisheila Early (AKA Sheelah Love), who is featured in Max’s ‘The Garden: Commune or Cult,’ certainly seemed on board with learning what the group had to offer to her. However, she soon realized that not all may be as it seems and that there were certain lines she could not abide anyone crossing. Now, people are eager to know what she is up to these days.

Who is Tisheila Early?

Based primarily in Middleburg, Florida, Tisheila Early’s interest in learning more and more about survival skills stemmed from her view that the world around her was starting to crumble. “Right now, the country, and the world, is really messed up. At some point, the system is gonna fail,” she predicted. “Lots of people will perish. But not me. I am preparing for society going down.” She went on to add that the biggest reason why she wanted to join The Garden was to “learn more about living off-grid” in order to ensure her and her family’s survival.

Certain that the world was definitely going to take a turn for the worse in the future, Tisheila hoped to be prepared for all possibilities. Her major concern seemed to be the recent advancements in Artificial Intelligence and just what the machines might be capable of doing in the future. By the time she came on the show, Tisheila had been driving trucks for around 16 years and had picked up specific skills that helped her along the way. From being a good shot with a gun to knowing just how excrement is managed in the wild, she certainly knew her basics prior to joining The Garden.

As it turns out, Tisheila was a student of Career Point Business School from 1999 to 2000 and earned a Business Administration Certificate from the institute. She started working as a Dump Truck Driver for Peter Baker & Son in July 2007 and worked for the organization until April 2018. She then switched to being a Truck Driver for Cash Transfer Service. It was during her time at these jobs that she got to know more and more about the country she calls home.

After Tisheila joined The Garden, she started to feel like it was indeed a space for her. Not only did she get the chance to hone her existing skills, but she was also able to learn additional things from others. She also seemed happy about the type of people that were part of The Garden for the most part and felt accepted in her identity as a polyamorous woman. However, Tisheila’s desire to stay in the commune for the long term came to an abrupt end not long after she was initiated as a full member. After learning that some commune members would tamper with the food of others, she realized that she could not be in a place that allowed such practice. Earlier, she had also expressed concern over just how lax the security in the area seemed to be.

Where is Tisheila Early Now?

In January 2023, Tisheila Early started working as an Operator for her company called Early Land & Dump, which is based in Jacksonville, Florida. The organization is primarily focused on providing trucking services for construction work with due safety. In October 2023, she even left Cash Transfer Service and is now completely focused on her role as the Owner of Early Land & Dump. Additionally, Tisheila is active in the fields of acting and writing, having taken up assignments in both fields.

Tisheila is also a content creator who often posts her videos on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. As for her love life, Tisheila is presently in a relationship with two people. Her boyfriend, Larry, and a girlfriend. Proud of her identity as a polyamorous woman, she is known for talking about the same and the stigma that people who identify as the same often face. Additionally, she remains as enthusiastic about being a survivalist as seen in the Max series.

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