Top Boy: Who is the Father of Lauryn’s Baby?

Image Credit: Chris Harris/Netflix

Netflix’s ‘Top Boy’ follows the turbulent lives of the people trying to establish and maintain a foothold in the drug business in London. The story revolves around Sully and Dushane, who are friends-turned-rivals, with both of them wanting to carry out the plan in their own way. Apart from their personal struggles and their complicated relationship, the show also focuses on the people who have been by their side since the beginning. One of those people is Jaq. As we dive into her background, we meet her sister, Lauryn. She was quite the troublemaker in the first season, but the second season shows her story in a new light. The third season peels another layer of depth for her character, especially with the arrival of her baby. SPOILERS AHEAD

The Paternity of Lauryn’s Child Remains Dodgy

Lauryn was introduced to the audience as a fun-loving sister of Jaq. In the first season, she is in a relationship with Leyton, which turns out to be the wrong move for her. She doesn’t realize that Leyton, from the Fields gang, is after Dushane and Sully from Summerhouse. During one of their conversations, she lets slip that Sully will be at the funeral of Jason, the boy he treated like his own son. Leyton passes on this information to Jamie, who attempts to kill Sully at the funeral.

When Leyton dies, Lauryn is devastated, not only because she lost her boyfriend but also because she realizes that she had unintentionally ratted out Sully and endangered his life. When she reveals this to her sister, Jaq, she is infuriated. Jaq comes clean to Dushane, but she is also protective of her sister. She doesn’t want Sully to harm her, so on Dushane’s advice, she tells Lauryn to leave London and never come back.

In the second season, we find Lauryn in Liverpool, living with her new boyfriend, Curtis, an arms dealer. Curtis is manipulative, controlling, and prone to abusing Lauryn, who is now pregnant. It is not explicitly stated, but it is a given that the baby must be Curtis’. A part of his controlling behavior is to keep Lauryn away from the phone because he thinks it is not good for her and the baby. This means that the baby is his, or at least, that’s what he thinks.

Image Credit: Ali Painter/Netflix

Considering the timeline between the two seasons, one could argue that the baby might be Leyton’s. Around six months have passed between the two seasons, which is confirmed by the fact that that’s how long Jamie was in prison before he took up Dushane’s offer and joined his gang. When we see Lauryn again, she is well into her pregnancy. This could mean she was pregnant when she left London and met Curtis soon after in Liverpool. And according to that, Leyton could be the father of her child.

While this is a possibility, it is also pure speculation because the show doesn’t give any hints to support the theory. In the third season, when the baby is born and Jaq talks about how beautiful he looks, Lauryn seems worried he might look too much like Curtis. She’s probably concerned about this because she doesn’t want the child to be anything like Curtis, who was violent and abusive to Lauryn. Things got so bad between them that she had to run away from Liverpool and return to London. Still, he chased after her and, eventually, to ensure her safety, she had to kill him. Lauryn is concerned that the child might have too much of his father in him. This proves that the child must be Curtis’.

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