Tough Love Season 5: Where Are The Contestants Now?

In 2012, VH1 heated the small screen with the sizzling ‘Tough Love: New Orleans’ season 5. Nestled in the heart of the vibrant city of New Orleans, eight fiery women dared to bare their hearts in search of relationship wisdom from none other than the dynamic duo: the charismatic host and matchmaker, Steven Ward, and his straight-shooting mother, JoAnn Ward, hailing from the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia.

As the glitzy Louisiana nights cast their spells, tensions soared, and sparks flew amidst the backdrop of jazz-filled streets and Cajun delights. With passion pulsating through the humid air, viewers were in for a wild ride as the Wards dished out their signature blend of tough love and no-nonsense advice, leaving no heart unturned and no truth unspoken.

Danielle Wilks Owns a Hair Salon Today

Danielle Wilks, once a standout figure in ‘Tough Love’ set in New Orleans, has since flourished into a multifaceted entrepreneur. Residing in Atlanta, Georgia, she has carved her path as the CEO of Danified Co., a conglomerate encompassing various ventures. Notably, she holds the reins at Shop Danified, The Press Room Salon, and the Stylist Corner, each representing a unique facet of her expertise.

Danielle’s journey has seen her become a certified hairstylist and educator, wielding her skills to empower others in the industry. Beyond her entrepreneurial endeavors, she embraces the realm of content creation and modeling, showcasing her versatility. While her relationship status remains ambiguous, Danielle is a proud mother, cherishing her son as a significant aspect of her life.

Despina Delios Has Ventured Into Micro-needling

Despina Delios, another memorable personality from season 5, has forged a remarkable path post-show. As the proprietor of Boston Microneedling, her establishment has solidified its status as an esteemed institution in the realm of skincare. Expanding her entrepreneurial reach, Despina has ventured into product development, launching a range of skincare and beauty products under the banner of Boston Microbleeding.

Leveraging her expertise as a Master Aesthetician, she continues to innovate within the beauty industry. Beyond skincare, Despina has diversified her portfolio by assuming ownership of Kanes Donuts, a cherished establishment operated by the Delios family. Her entrepreneurial acumen and dedication have positioned her as a notable figure in both the skincare and culinary landscapes.

Donna Sonkin Shaw is Now a Fertility Consultant

Donna Sonkin Shaw, who captured audiences with her journey on season 5, remains rooted in New York City. Since then, she has embarked on a fulfilling path, both personally and professionally. In 2013, Donna entered a new chapter of her life as she exchanged vows and embraced marriage. Grounded in her passion for holistic wellness, she has become a Certified Holistic Health Coach, specializing in fertility support for women over 40. Donna’s dedication to empowering others is evident through her online presence, particularly her YouTube video titled ‘I had a baby at 43.’

At the helm of and, Donna offers comprehensive consultations tailored to individuals navigating their journey toward motherhood. Her expertise extends beyond coaching, as she is also an accomplished author, penning the insightful book titled Poppin’ Past Forty. This resource serves as a beacon of knowledge and encouragement for women embarking on the path of motherhood later in life. In her personal life, Donna has found joy and fulfillment in her marriage to John, with whom she shares a precious daughter.

Elizabeth Ann Vashisht is a Blogger Today

Elizabeth Vashisht, a memorable personality from 2013, has undergone a remarkable transformation since her time on season 5. Following the show’s airing, she expressed profound gratitude for the opportunities it brought her way. Leveraging her newfound platform and diligent efforts, she embarked on a journey marked by success and fulfillment. Collaborating closely with her public relations team and manager, she honed in on her professional aspirations, resulting in the launch of her website. This platform serves as a hub for her fans, offering glimpses into her life, career, and personal philosophy through pictures, videos, and written content.

Embracing various facets of her talents, Elizabeth ventured into the realms of modeling and makeup artistry. Her work has taken her to exclusive celebrity red carpet-events and breathtaking photo shoot locations. Notably, she made a mark in the entertainment industry by appearing in an independent film showcased at the prestigious TriBeCa Film Festival. Alongside her thriving career pursuits, she delved into the world of cosmetics, diligently working towards the launch of her own cosmetics line.

In the realm of romance, Elizabeth remains focused on self-growth and independence. While she has been romantically involved, she prioritizes her personal and professional development above all else. As of 2024, she has transitioned into the realm of blogging, offering her fans insights into her life, passions, and philosophy. Also, she has embraced her talents as a makeup artist and fitness cover model, carving a niche for herself in these competitive industries. Despite her public persona, she chooses to keep her private life guarded, opting not to share details about her relationships and family.

Melissa Schultz is a Real Estate Agent

Regarding Melissa Schultz, little information is available post-2019. It’s reported that she tied the knot that year and obtained her real estate license. However, there haven’t been further updates on her endeavors or personal life beyond these details.

Shalana August Keeps Her Life Private

Shalana August has chosen to maintain a very private life since her appearance in season 5. She has deliberately stayed away from the limelight, keeping her personal affairs out of public scrutiny.

Stephanie Stasiak is a Hairstylist Today

Stephanie Stasiak has found her calling in the world of hairstyling. Today, she proudly owns and operates her own hair salon, where she showcases her expertise and creativity. In addition to her salon business, Stephanie has expanded her reach by offering her own line of hairdressing products, available through an Amazon store. Her passion for hairstyling continues to drive her success in the industry.

Tiffany Maiyon Underwent Plastic Surgery

Tiffany Maiyon’s journey has seen various experiences and appearances. In 2016, she made headlines for her relationship with Matt Jordan, garnering attention from media outlets. Tiffany also underwent plastic surgery during this time, adding another layer to her public image. Her presence extended to television as she appeared as a guest on the T.D. Jake Show in 2016 and secured a role on the pilot episode of ‘Advocate & Solicitor’ in 2013. Moreover, she engaged with the media through interviews, showcasing her experiences and perspectives. Since 2014, Tiffany has served as the CEO of the Plastic Surgery Consulting Service called Bella Dream Body LLC.

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