Tough Love Season 6: Where Are The Contestants Now?

In 2013, VH1 unleashed the highly anticipated ‘Tough Love: Co-Ed,’ thrusting viewers into a whirlwind of romantic turmoil. This addictive sixth season of the reality series followed four men and four women. Against a backdrop of passion and tension, the Wards offered tough love and sage advice, sparking heated confrontations and unexpected connections. With emotions running high and hearts on the line, the season delivered a gripping blend of love, drama, and unfiltered truth that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

Christopher Guerrini is Now a Senior Software Solutions Architect

Christopher Guerrini, a former participant in season 6, has forged a successful career path since his time on the show. He currently holds the position of Senior Software Solutions Architect at Enterprise Products, showcasing his expertise in the field of information technology. Before this role, Christopher served as the Senior eSales Architect at Schlumberger, a multinational oilfield services company. His professional journey also includes a stint at United Airlines, where he worked as a Developer in the Information Technology department until 2015. Christopher’s diverse experiences and expertise in software solutions underscore his commitment to advancing technology in various industries.

Judy Nash is an Entrepreneur Today

Judy Nash, another contestant from season 6, has embarked on a multifaceted entrepreneurial journey post-show. She is the visionary behind Girl Power Hour Radio, a globally syndicated lifestyle radio platform, and the founder of OMF Foot Kandy. Judy is also known as an inspirational speaker, dedicated to empowering women and girls. She has also ventured into the hospitality industry as the founder and owner of The Haven Bin Glamping & Campground. In 2019, Judy released her first book, ‘Girl Power UNCENSORED: A Journey of Self-Love. Her Story, Her Truth,’ offering insights into her journey and advocates for self-empowerment.

Furthermore, Judy serves as the Lifestyle and Brand Manager for So ATL Concierge Firm and has held on-air personality and hosting roles for various broadcasting companies. Despite her busy schedule, Judy remains committed to community service, volunteering for Habitat for Humanity Greater Birmingham. While her relationship status remains unclear, Judy is a proud mother, residing in Atlanta, Georgia, where she continues to make a positive impact through her various endeavors.

Kris Cottrell is Now a Designer

Image Credit: Adrenaline Brands

Kris Cottrell, propelled into the limelight by his appearance on VH1’s ‘Tough Love,’ utilized his newfound exposure to venture into entrepreneurship. Alongside friends, he co-founded the streetwear brand LAX2JFK (LAX to JFK), symbolizing the Jet Setter lifestyle. Continuing his entrepreneurial journey, Kris launched AL Forged, a custom wheel company in 2014, catering to the luxury automobile market. Currently, he is affiliated with Adrenaline Brands, leveraging his expertise to further innovative ventures.

Kyle Keller Has Found the Love of Her Life

Kyle Keller embarked on a journey of love, tying the knot with Andrew Visintine in 2018. Enthusiastic about exploring the world, Kyle and her husband share a passion for travel, enriching their relationship through new experiences and adventures. Their bond is described as deeply affectionate, with both partners deeply committed to each other’s happiness and well-being.

Paj Mohager Doesn’t Regret Giving Love Another Chance

Paj Mohager, known for his diverse professional endeavors, has navigated through various roles since his appearance on ‘Tough Love.’ He currently serves as the host of The Alpha Hour and works as an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor. Additionally, he is involved as a trainer and host at Livestrong and serves as a consultant in the field of medicine, specifically hormone therapy.

Paj’s journey in love has seen its ups and downs; he was previously married to Lisa Mohager, whom he met on ‘Tough Love,’ with their wedding showcased on TLC’s ‘Say Yes to the Dress.’ However, the couple parted ways around 2019. Presently, Paj is engaged to Dawn Skok, with whom he has embarked on a new chapter in his personal life while continuing to pursue his passions in various professional domains.

Porsche Abraham Runs the Business of Braids

Porsche Abraham, known for her acting roles, including her appearance in the short film ‘Bro’ in 2016, has diversified her career portfolio since then. Transitioning into the realm of motivational speaking, Porsche has become a keynote speaker, delivering empowering lectures to inspire others. Alongside her speaking engagements, she has ventured into modeling and now runs a successful business called Business of Braids in Houston, Texas. Business of Braids operates as both a braiding academy and studio, offering training courses and services in hairstyling.

Sariya Jones Now Serves as a Realtor in South Florida

Sariya Jones, also known as Sariya Stroud, has established herself as a prominent figure in the real estate industry, serving as a South Florida Realtor. Also, she is the owner of Stroud Industries, a company that likely operates within various sectors. Sariya has further expanded her entrepreneurial ventures by founding Citrus Getaways, a vacation rental management company located in South Florida. Demonstrating her creative talents, she is also a photographer capturing the beauty of her surroundings. In 2022, Sariya tied the knot with Larry Stroud, marking a significant milestone in her personal life.

Stu Jacobson is a Bartender Today

Stu Jacobson, a graduate of the Vanguard University of Southern California, has pursued a career in the hospitality industry. Currently, he works as a night bartender at Mr. Cacciatore’s, showcasing his skills in mixology and customer service.

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