Toya Bush-Harris: Married to Medicine Star is Relishing Family Time

Image Credit: Quantrell Colbert/Bravo

Since Bravo’s ‘Married to Medicine’ premiered in 2013, there are few of its cast members who have gained as much attention as Toya Bush-Harris. After all, the gorgeous lady in question has been a part of the series from its very first season and has gained a massive fanbase. One of the biggest reasons behind her popularity is likely the various ups and downs that she is always ready to face for her loved ones, making many people wonder about just who her husband is and many other details, something we ourselves are looking forward to exploring.

Toya Bush-Harris’ Background

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Toya Bush-Harris is a University of Phoenix alumna, having gained her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the institute. She also earned her master’s in Education from the same university. She first started on the career path of pharmaceutical sales, which allowed her to hone her sales and entrepreneurial skills. In fact, as of writing, the reality TV star launched her line of wine called Toya Harris Wine Collection, having partnered with Kendall-Jackson Winery for the same. She is also authored a children’s book called ‘Sleepy Head Please Go To Bed’ and is quite devoted to her faith in God.

Toya Bush-Harris’ Husband and Kids

Toya Bush-Harris is quite happily married to Dr. Eugene Harris. The latter is an emergency room doctor who helped establish the medical concierge service known as Nomad MD. The couple first met thanks to a speed dating event in 2008. Their relationship blossomed in a very short time. During the early days of their getting to know each other, both of them were struggling with time management. After all, Toya was studying for her master’s degree and was working at two different jobs. Meanwhile, Mark had to spend much time completing his medical residency.

Nevertheless, Toya and Eugene remained by each other’s side and got married on July 19, 2008. With over one and a half decades of marital bliss, there are certainly some tricks that the two picked up in order to make their relationship last. “Our marriage counselor, when we first got married, he told us that if you wanted to work out a problem, don’t do it over alcohol [laughs], and don’t do it when you’re text messaging, ’cause those are bad ways to communicate. They can be misunderstood. And do it in a loving environment,” she shared with Bravo Insider. “And so we decided our loving environment would be in the bathtub [laughs], ’cause you can’t argue in the bathtub. And so that’s what we do. Whenever we have an issue, we talk about it in the bathtub.”

The happy life of Toya and Eugene has perhaps only been made better thanks to their two sons, Ashton and Avery, whom they love very much. That said, not everything has been smooth for the couple when it comes to parenthood. In 2019, Toya herself candidly shared how she had tragically miscarried her third child around that time. The reality TV star had apparently been pregnant for over six weeks and had excitedly told about the happy development to her husband and sons.

“Then we got excited about the baby. It could be the little girl we’ve always wanted,” Toya confessed on the Bravo show. “Then all of a sudden, there was no baby.” Knowing that her sons had also been looking forward to another sibling, she took it upon herself to break the news to them. “I didn’t cry in front of them because I was like, I didn’t want to be sad,” she told Dr. Simone Whitmore. “I think the hardest part is Eugene. I was like, ‘How are you?’ He said, ‘I’m fine.’ He said, ‘I just put it on my virtual shelf.’ He’s like, ‘I’ve got a virtual shelf of failures. There’s only like two, and this is like the third one.'”

In January 2023, Toya’s son Ashton turned 13, an occasion that was much celebrated by the reality TV star. As for Avery, he himself celebrated his 12th birthday in October 2023. Both boys seem to be much adored by their parents. Toya and Eugene themselves seem to be getting closer than ever and love each other very much. Having celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary on July 19, 2023, the two are likely looking forward to what life will bring next.

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