Watch the Spine-Chilling Trailer of the Next ‘Paranormal Activity’ !

‘Paranormal Activity: Ghost Dimension’ is being reported as the sixth and final installment in the ‘Paranormal Activity’ franchise. And it looks as if this one will make us scream!

The new trailer released by the franchise seems as if the producers not only will answer all the questions that had been lingering since the first movie released, but also take the found-footage type horror film to a new “dimension”. Thanks to that big camera… Oops. Take a look at the trailer first!


The camera (which can even film ghosts) is discovered with a box of VHS tapes by the new family in the house, which was previously owned by Katie and Kristi, who had been appearing in the previous installments as both children and adults.

With ‘Insidious: Chapter 3’ in the cinemas right now and ‘Sinister 2’ to be released in August, it will be interesting to find out whether ‘Paranormal Activity: Ghost Dimension’ can really add to the suspense of the already-spooky atmosphere that had been created by its first five installments.

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