Tree Forester and Julia Heim: Former Garden Members Are Still Married

Image Credit: Tree/Instagram

Max’s ‘The Garden: Commune or Cult’ focuses on various members of the commune known as The Garden and just how they go about their everyday lives. Among the people who are seen in the show, Jack “Tree” Forester and Julia Heim are some of the prominent members of the group, having played pivotal roles in making the commune popular and serving as its guiding forces. Their own love story also touched the hearts of many, and given how things ended in season 1 for them, many of the viewers are curious if the couple is still married and just what they are up to these days.

Tree and Julia’s Journey Together

In the show, Jack “Tree” Forester opened up about how he had spent several years during his childhood in Liverpool, England, before moving to Northern Ireland. The commune member explained that he had Tourette’s syndrome in the past and had struggled with his health. However, after he took on the lifestyle that he currently practices and started to travel around, his health became better, and his Tourette’s apparently was cured. It was through his journeys that he first met Julia Heim.

“We were both traveling in Europe, and we both wanted to go to… We were both like kind of on this path of checking out intentional communities,” Julia recalled. “We found a rideshare on Facebook to go to this Rainbow in northern Sweden. And then, we traveled in a car together for four days up to the Rainbow Gathering in the Arctic Circle. It was gorgeous. Just being in nature with people swimming, like, in the rivers and eating fruits and cooking over fire. And it was like the most alive and like the highest I ever felt.”

“When I first met Julia, I thought she was maybe too clean for me, um, too bougie, a little bit, too hot. Yeah, that’s for sure. But now we’re married,” Tree added. Indeed, the two tied the knot in June 2022 and were ecstatic about the development. Having embraced a similar lifestyle before they even met, the couple has learned much alongside each other. Julia also shared her happiness about the fact that her family has accepted her husband wholeheartedly.

During their time on the show, we get to see just how close Tree and Julia are. Both of them stood out as individuals within the commune and contributed much to the group. While Julia seemed more into the administrative jobs, Tree embraced his fun side fully and was always open to having a good time. In fact, it was through his TikToks that the world got to know about The Garden at large, though it did have some backlash for him when the accusations of the commune actually being a cult started to float around.

Tree and Julia Are Traveling the World Together

As of writing, Jack “Tree” Forester and Julia Heim are indeed still together and happily married. Though the couple left The Garden at the end of season 1 of the series, they still remain in touch with the all-natural lifestyle that they have embraced. They now travel to various gatherings in order to meet like-minded people. The couple mostly travels in their van, though they have also made some overseas trips, including their recent trip to Nepal.

Additionally, Tree and Julia remain active on social media. Presently, the former has over 127K followers on TikTok, where he often posts informative and lifestyle videos. The couple has also started a podcast called ‘Community Culture,’ where they talk about their life and the workings of intentional community culture. They recently even invited Tyler Milligan to their podcast to discuss their take on how they were portrayed in ‘The Garden: Commune or Cult.’

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