Are Trey and Figgy From Squid Game Together?

Given the highly competitive nature of Netflix’s ‘Squid Game: The Challenge,’ the bonds created by participants during their time as cast members only impress the fans even more. After all, in a place where you might not trust even the closest of your friends, any sort of camaraderie is undoubtedly to be appreciated. Hence, the friendly connection that sprung between Trey Plutnicki (Player 301) and Jessica “Figgy” Figueroa (Player 033) caught the eye of many, especially the fans of ‘Squid Game.’

After becoming friends, Trey and Figgy certainly did wish the best for each other, but likely not at their own expense. Despite the fact that the two reality TV stars did not get to spend a significant amount of time together owing to the unpredictable nature of the game, their friendship did soothe many of their worries while they competed alongside each other. Naturally, this has prompted the world to wonder if their in-game connection has carried over to the real world.

Trey and Figgy’s Squid Game: The Challenge Journey

Not long after they entered the dormitory of ‘Squid Game: The Challenge,’ Trey Plutnicki and Figgy Figueroa became good friends. Following the second game of the whole competition, Trey even felt comfortable enough with Figgy to share how he was disappointed to see that some of the players had been successful in their own tasks, like Bryton Constantin (Player 432). This indicated just how good of a bond the two cast members had formed that they trusted each other enough to talk about this.

The emergence of a friendship between Trey and Figgy was even more remarkable owing to the fact the former had entered the show with his mother, LeAnn Wilcox Plutnicki, and was just as invested in her success as he was in his own. However, his ability to branch out showcased that he did not think that isolation was a solution to any of his current and future problems. “I feel like I trust 0-3-3, Figgy,” Trey elaborated about his bond with her fellow competitor. “She and I have been having good conversations, and she feels very open and candid with me in a way that I don’t think other people are.”

In fact, prior to the third game of season 1, when Trey and Figgy were discussing whether or not they would have to play Tug of War, the former requested the latter that she please take care of his mother, LeAnn, should he be eliminated from the competition and she still remained as a contestant. This was a promise that Figgy had no problem in making. However, as fate would have it, it was actually Figgy who got eliminated first following the sinking of her boat in the Warship. Upon realizing that Figgy would not be coming back, Trey claimed how it “sucked,” even talking to his mother about his sadness regarding it all.

Trey and Figgy Are on Friendly Terms

It does seem like Trey Plutnicki and Jessica “Figgy” Figueroa, which we are sure must make many of their fans happy. While the two do not follow each other on Instagram, Figgy does follow Trey’s mother, LeAnn Wilcox Plutnicki, who follows her back. Recently, LeAnn posted a picture of herself and her son on Instagram, and Figgy was more than happy about sharing her appreciation for the two in the comment section (as seen above) by calling the mother-son duo “Two of my faves!!”

As of writing, Trey lives in Chicago, Illinois, and is pursuing a career as an actor. He is in a happy relationship with Cecilia Iole and has made impressive strides in his recovery journey following his hospitalization in July 2022 due to a collapsed lung. In fact, he ran a marathon in Madison, Wisconsin, as recently as November 2023, something which has earned him the admiration of many.

Meanwhile, Figgy works as a Science Teacher for sixth-grade students at Valor Collegiate Academies. She is also a seasonal Volleyball Coach at the institute and chairs the Science Department. Since September 2023, she has been pursuing her Master of Education degree (ESL and Educational Leadership) from Lipscomb University and is scheduled to graduate in July 2024. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Figgy got engaged to Austin Dirks in November 2023.

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