Tricia Todd’s Family Holds Her Memory Dear Till Today

Tricia Todd’s disappearance profoundly affected her family. When she vanished in April 2016, they immediately sensed something was amiss, as Tricia would not have left her 2-year-old daughter, Faith, without notifying anyone. They made public appeals through the media for information about Tricia’s whereabouts. Learning that her ex-husband, Steven Williams, had murdered her was incomprehensible for them. In ABC’s 20/20 episode, ‘The Hungryland Homicide,’ Tricia’s mother, Rebecca Hasselbach, and her two brothers, Jonathan, and Joshua Todd, recount the anguish they experienced upon learning the details of the crime and how they continue to honor Tricia’s memory to this day.

Tricia Todd’s Family Chose to Forgive Her Killer

Patricia Gayle “Tricia” Todd was born to Rebecca Hasselbach and David Joseph Todd and raised alongside seven brothers. According to her mother, Tricia was widely recognized in her hometown of Stuart in Martin County, Florida, for her spirited approach to life. She kept pace with her brothers from a young age, eagerly joining them in their activities and adventures. As they grew older and her brothers acquired motorcycles, Tricia insisted on having one of her own, finally relenting only when her parents provided her with one.

Tricia’s family witnessed her achieve her aspirations of becoming a nurse, forming a partnership with Steven Williams, and welcoming their daughter into the world. Yet, their perception of her life differed from reality. In 2015, after a decade together, she separated from Steven and relocated to Hobe Sound, Florida, residing with Jonathan. Finding solace in her new environment, she embraced peaceful walks along the beach and provided a stable home for her daughter, Faith. However, on April 26, 2016, when Tricia went to drop off Faith with Steven, who had traveled from North Carolina to visit his daughter, she never returned home.

Steven left Faith with the babysitter the following day, and Tricia still hadn’t returned home. Alarm bells rang within the family, as it was uncharacteristic of her to abandon her daughter. They anxiously monitored the search efforts, pleading for any information that could provide insight into Tricia’s disappearance, but unfortunately, no leads surfaced. The shocking revelation that Steven was responsible for her death came as a devastating blow, utterly unexpected by her family. After Tricia’s body was recovered, the family organized a peaceful funeral for her and established a fundraiser to support Faith.

Throughout Steven’s trial and following his sentencing, Tricia’s profoundly religious family made the remarkable choice to extend forgiveness to him. Tricia’s father, David, even addressed the court, expressing his desire for Steven to find redemption and spiritual transformation during his time behind bars. However, for Joshua, the magnitude of the crime remained incomprehensible; he knew his sister’s heart was devoted to serving others. In the aftermath, both Jonathan and Joshua became steadfast sources of support for Faith, channeling all their efforts into ensuring her well-being as she struggled with the loss of both her parents.

Where is Tricia Todd’s Family Now?

Tricia Todd’s mother, Rebecca Hasselbach, is deeply committed to her Faith and is known for her strong religious convictions. She frequently shares teachings and insights from her Faith with others, and she is also outspoken on political matters such as abortion rights, the Israel-Palestine conflict, and various policies of the US administration, expressing her opinions on state affairs. A passionate advocate for missing persons and their families, Rebecca utilizes her platform to raise awareness and offer support to those in need. Additionally, she is a devoted dog lover, channeling her compassion towards her faith, political activism, and needy animals.

Joshua Todd is a versatile individual with a range of skills and occupations. He works as a painter and is also employed as a floor technician at Spectrum Flooring. He owns his own business, Under the Sun Painting and Pressure Cleaning, which offers comprehensive home improvement and maintenance services. In addition to his professional pursuits, Joshua is vocal about his views on the humanitarian crisis in Palestine, which diverge from those of his mother. Having lived in different areas of Florida, he currently resides in Stuart, Florida. Since 2018, Joshua has been in a loving relationship with Perla Lara-Reza.

Image Credit: Chasity-Jonathan Todd/Facebook

Jonathan Todd has been happily married to Chasity Todd since September 3, 2011. Together, they are the proud parents of three children: two boys and a girl. In addition to their biological children, they have also welcomed Tricia’s daughter, Faith Williams, into their family through adoption. Faith, now ten years old, has found a loving home and a sense of belonging with them. The entire Todd family, including Jonathan’s brothers, remains close-knit and regularly gathers to honor and celebrate Tricia’s memory. They find solace in remembering her for the remarkable woman she was and take comfort in believing she is resting in peace.

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