True Spirit Tribute: Who Was Cameron Dale? How Did He Die?

Image Credit: Jessica Watson/Instagram

Netflix’s ‘True Spirit’ follows the true story of Jessica Watson who circumnavigated the globe in her sailboat all by herself at the age of sixteen. The film focuses on the many challenges she has to face on the sea as well as at home before she sets out on her adventure. The many ups and downs in her life keep the audience invested in her story, rooting for her all the way through. There are several people in the movie who become her support system, encouraging her even when things get unimaginably tough. At the end of the credits, the film pays tribute to one such person in Watson’s life: Cameron Dale. If you are wondering who he is and how he is connected to Watson’s story, then here’s what you need to know.

Who was Cameron Dale?

Cameron Dale was Jessica Watson’s boyfriend. They met each other in 2011 at Hamilton Island’s Race Week. Like her, he was also into sailing and was described as “a passionate and avid sailor” himself. He had been an ardent admirer of Watson ever since she accomplished the feat of going around the globe all on her own against all odds. According to Watson and Dale’s friend, Duncan Curnow, Dale had spent a lot of time trying to meet Watson. “’Jessica was one of several celebrities on the island, but he was adamant to get to know her – took quite a shinning to her from afar. It took days for him to track her down because she was a celebrity and quite protected. We all laughed and scoffed at him from afar…well he succeeded and they were together ever since,” he said.

Nicknamed Chop Chop by his friends, Dale was known as a friendly and zestful person. Calling him “wise beyond his years”, Dale is said to have “put himself 1000 percent into anything he did, never taking no for an answer, always smiling and having fun along the way.” Dale worked as a property developer, but spent a lot of time sailing, especially with Watson, with whom he had been living in Melbourne. Reportedly, they were in Queensland when Dale suffered “a catastrophic stroke”

Cameron Dale Passed Away From Stroke Complications

Cameron Dale died on August 30, 2021, at the age of 29 at Gold Coast University Hospital. He had been admitted there six weeks ago following a stroke. Apart from Watson, his family includes parents Sue and Mark Dale and sister Alison. Describing her grief as “incomparable” in front of the courage it took for her “sailing exploits”, Watson took to Instagram to tell the world about Dale’s passing.

Calling him her “long-term partner in every aspect of life and planned future”, she wrote: “Cam and I have been inseparable since 2011, our shared world centered on messing about on boats. Describing what Cam means to me is impossible – everyone who knows us understands how much we simply loved each other. … Being Cam’s ‘Jess’ is the role I’m most proud of.”

Dale’s stroke and sudden death had been a shock to everyone, especially because he had been a very healthy person. Watson later revealed that the stroke had been a result of Dale’s high blood pressure, of which he himself was not aware because this isn’t something that is generally on the radar for young people. She asked people to be cautious and keep a check on their blood pressure lest it affects their health adversely later.

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