TV Review: ‘Deredevil’ is Arguably the Best Comic Book Adaption on TV so Far

Yes ! Daredevil’s a Netflix original production. So, for starters, you can expect some quality material although it’s a ‘marvel’ adaption. You know what I mean ! In a period where superhero shows are flooding all over your television sets, Daredevil will certainly offer you a breathe of fresh air, some peace of mind. Personally, I’m a bit inclined towards DC mostly for it’s intense ‘humanly’ characters and insightful storytelling, but I’ve to admit, this time my perception has been infringed a little by this show. Daredevil’s first season is definitive in many ways that it will give it’s competitors a run for their money. Be it casting, character development, production design or actions, you name it, the show scores in every department of it’s making.

Main Casting :

Casting is one of best things in this series. Charlie Cox, an English actor, is portraying the protagonist, Matthew Mardock (Daredevil) , a blind vigilante, who protects his city Hell’s Kitchen, fights with the bad people. He is a lawyer by day and a partner at law firm named Nelson & Mardock with his best friend Foggy Nelson. Cox is consistent, stubborn, flexible and has all the likable characteristics required for the character. This is a character where any sloppiness would make viewers not to believe in the concept of a blind man fighting, running, jumping all over the buildings. He indeed did a great job. He is spontaneous and has a good range of emotions which makes all the difference in the show.

Vincent Philip d’Onofrio is playing the character of Wilson Fisk, an Underworld Kingpin who controls all the mafia in the Hell’s kitchen. D’Onofrio is probably the best thing happened to this season. I’d say he has given one of his career best performances in this series. He is unpredictable, fearless , a gruesome evil. You can feel every bit of the character in his performance.

Elden Henson is portraying the character of Foggy Nelson, who is the best friend and law partner of Matt Mardock/Daredevil. Henson has done a decent job with his character and contributes the much needed humor in the show although sometimes he tries so hard to be funny and misplaces his emotions.

Deborah Ann Woll is playing the character of Karen Page, the first client of Nelson & Mardock later turned Secretary of the their law firm. Deborah has done a fairly good job with her character.

Screenplay/Character Development/Production design :

The writing has been amazing in the whole season. It’s cohesive, consistent and well balanced. Although all episodes are well plotted but personally I loved Episode 7 (‘Stick’), featuring the blind mentor and teacher of Daredevil in his childhood; Episode 8 (‘Shadows in the Glass’) , featuring villain Wilson Fisk’s daily routine and his childhood horror & Episode 12 (‘The One We Leave Behind’) featuring the tension build before the final showdown between the two forces. Besides these, amazing character development and some top notch production design make this show more appealing.

Action/Visual Effects :

This is one thing where ‘Daredevil’ leaves it’s prime completion ‘Arrow’ miles behind. Where Arrow’s actions are abrupt, pretentious and flawed , Daredevils’ are well-choreographed, well-shot, bold & bloody. As far as actions are concerned, Episode 9 (‘Speak of the Devil’), featuring an epic fight between the Daredevil and Japanese ninja villain Nobu Yoshioka and Episode 12 (‘The One We Leave Behind’), featuring an extended chasing by free jumping & climbing over the buildings by the protagonist, are the bests among all.

Final Call :

As a whole, Daredevil is a delicious package of content driven, well performed, high octane action thriller, less theatrical, no cheap love bullshit comic series. I wouldn’t say it’s flawless but it’s arguably the best comic adaption on TV I’ve seen so far. As in coming season, it’s introducing one more most feared villain ‘Punisher’ starring Jon Bernthal (one of my favorite actors in badass characters), this show will definitely be a showstopper among all the shows in this genre.