Two Summers Ending, Explained: What Happened to Sofie?

‘Two Summers’ or ‘Twee Zomers’ is a Flemish-language thriller-drama series from Belgium. The story revolves around a group of friends who have been together since they were children. In 1992, eight friends spent a summer together in a house in Zandhoven, Belgium. One of them was raped while she was unconscious, and another one died. Thirty years later, on the eve of reuniting with his friends for his wife’s birthday on a remote island on the French Riviera, Peter (Tom Vermeir in 2022 and Lukas Bulteel in 1992) receives a video clip of the rape along with the demand of 100 Bitcoins.

After the group reaches their destination, Peter tells the ones who were also in the room with him —-Stef or Mowgli (Koen De Bouw in 2022 and Vincent Van Sande in 1992) and Didier (Herwig Ilegems in 2002 and Bjarne Devolder in 1992). As the series progresses and the truth begins to unravel, relationships are destroyed, and lives are changed forever. Here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Two Summers.’ SPOILERS AHEAD.

Two Summers Recap

In 1992, the friends gather at the house belonging to Didier’s father. Along with Peter, Stef, and Didier, there are Romée (An Miller in 2022 and Marieke Anthoni in 1992), Sofie (Inge Paulussen in 2022 and Louise Bergez in 1992), Saskia (Ruth Becquart in 2022 and Tine Roggeman in 1992), and Mark (Felix Meyer). They are soon joined by Peter’s brother Luk (Kevin Janssens in 2022 and Tijmen Govaerts in 1992), a cancer survivor. One night, after liberal use of alcohol and pills, Mark, Peter, Stef, and Didier take Sofie to a room. Stef records the entire incident with Luk’s camera. The following morning, Peter destroys a video, believing that it’s the video from the previous night. Not long after, Mark is killed when the house burns down due to an electrical fire.

In 2022, Peter is married to Romée, who is now a massively successful tech businesswoman. They live in Silicon Valley, California. Didier and Sofie are also married and have two children together. Luk and Saskia are a divorced couple. They have a son with special needs, Jens. The former is currently in a relationship with a significantly younger woman, Lia (Sanne-Samina Hanssen). Meanwhile, Stef serves as a secretary in the Belgian government.

As the friends gather on the remote island, layers upon layers of truth begin to be revealed. Luk blames himself for Mark’s death when it wasn’t his fault. He apparently became furious after Mark made fun of him and shut the door to the latter’s room. Luk thinks that this is why Mark couldn’t get out of his room when the fire started. However, as Peter tells him, according to the autopsy, Mark died on the bed; he never got to the doors.

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Lia used to be a sex worker. About a decade earlier, Didier was one of her clients. During this period, Didier and Sofie were having issues. In 2022, they recognize each other instantly, both decide to keep it a secret at first. But as with everything else in this show, the truth comes out in this matter.

Peter figures out that the blackmailer has to be one of the people on the island with him. He tells Stef and Didier because they were the ones that were with him in that room that night 30 years earlier. Sofie was unconscious during the entire incident, and the three men think she doesn’t remember. However, it is revealed Sofie has the clip on her phone. In episode 3, the video suddenly starts playing on the living room TV in the middle of the night. Peter rushes to shut it down, but Romée sees it. The following day, she declares that she is divorcing Peter.

It also comes out that Jens is Peter’s biological child. On the night of the incident, Saskia and Luk got together in a different room for the first time. She was previously in a relationship with Peter. Although she told Peter that her period was late, she later claimed it was a false alarm after Peter said that an abortion would be the best option. In 2022, Saskia grows close to Stef.

Besides the two main components of the narrative in 1992 and 2022, there is a third one that takes place two months after the incidents on the island. Onderzoeksrechter Salima Mitonga tries to discern whether a crime was committed. In the season finale, the identity of the person that sent the video is finally revealed, and another tragedy occurs. In the aftermath, the remaining friends reel with grief and shock.

Two Summers Ending: What Happened to Sofie?

Sofie was raped that night in 1992. She was on the verge of unconsciousness due to alcohol and pills when Mark, Peter, Stef, and Didier take her upstairs. Stef had Luk’s camera, and he filmed the entire incident. He and Didier tried to convince the other two boys to leave Sofie alone, but they didn’t listen. However, through the drug and alcohol-induced haze, Peter realized what he was doing and stopped. He pretended that there was penetration when there was none. That wasn’t the case with Mark, who raped a nearly unconscious Sofie until Didier and Peter intervened.

In 2022, when Peter is confronted with the truth, he repeatedly tries to excuse his behavior by saying there was no penetration, never particularly acknowledging that he, Stef, and Didier were involved in a gang rape. Sofie later tells Salima that she knew what had happened to her, but she didn’t really remember. She didn’t tell anyone and began feeling ashamed. She felt that it was all her fault.

Who Sent the Video? Who Is the Blackmailer?

Although Peter, Stef, and Didier think that they destroyed the videotape, Luk replaced it in his camera with another videotape without knowing the content of the first one. He found out about it years later and told Lia. This was when he realized that Peter was Jens’ biological father and decided to blackmail his older brother. But he didn’t go through with it. Lia later showed Sofie the video, and the latter asked for Romée’s advice. Saskia was then brought into the fold. The four women then set the entire thing up, but Romée was the one who came up with the entire plan.

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All the main characters save Sofia and Lia are vicious, self-serving, and cruel. Romée doesn’t care much about Sofie. It is implied that she had some inclinations about what happened in 1992. Everything that transpired on the island is part of a twisted game for Romée, who also uses the circumstances to torment her husband and separate from him. Saskia tries to distance herself from what they were doing to the men because of her developing relationship with Stef. She has no problem discarding her friends for personal gain. As for the men, they had plenty of chances to come clean but never did.

Is Stef Dead? Will There Be a Criminal Trial?

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Yes, Stef is dead. He shoots himself after Romée claims that she has sent the clip to the press. Saskia goes to his room to assure him that Romée is lying, but he isn’t there. A gunshot is subsequently heard. Peter finds Stef’s body lying on the edge of the sea. The authorities then are notified with a flair. Two months later, Salima tells Romée and the other three women that they will be notified through a letter whether there will be a criminal trial for Stef’s death. We see only Sofie’s reaction. She seems to be crying after receiving the letter, but she and Didier also appear to be happy. So, we can deduce that there will not be a criminal trial. Earlier, Sofie told Salima that she doesn’t want to press any charges for what happened to her 30 years earlier. The tears in her eyes in the final scene are of relief.

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