Preview: Tyler Perry’s Bruh Episode 16

‘Tyler Perry’s Bruh’ has already managed to grab the attention of fans by giving a real-time view of the contemporary world of dating, career, and friendship through the eyes of four African American men — who are close friends; almost like brothers. John, Tom, Mike, and Bill have been friends since college and now, they have reached their 30s. This means that they need to navigate life, with all its challenges.

As they embark on this journey, the bruhs also have to learn how to stand on their own feet. And this is where their mutual support plays a huge role. At times, tough love and brutal honesty are required to make one see the truth. And these men do not hesitate to be rough on each other, when necessary. But this is all for the greater good. After all, we live in a society where close bonds between men of color are usually misjudged and misrepresented. However, ‘Bruh’ portrays a beautiful image of black brotherhood, which explores vulnerability without the stereotypical male masculinity.

The show, which had originally dropped in May 2020, went on a hiatus following its 12th episode. Now, it is finally back after a break of almost two months. And our long wait was worth it. The mid-season premiere saw not one but three back-to-back episodes, all dropping on September 10, 2020! Now, following the grand comeback, you must be wondering what the next episode has in store for fans. Well, we are here to help you with that.

Tyler Perry’s Bruh Episode 16 Release Date

‘Tyler Perry’s Bruh’ episode 16 will release on September 17, 2020, on BET+. Following the three-part mid-season premiere, the show will air one weekly episode every Thursday.

Where to Stream Tyler Perry’s Bruh Episode 16 Online?

‘Bruh’ airs exclusively on BET+. So, the best way to catch the episodes is to stream them as and when they land on the SVOD service. Live-streaming platforms for shows that air on streaming networks are rare and this is the case with ‘Bruh’ as well. However, luckily, Amazon Prime gives you the option to include BET+ in its subscription package and watch all of its shows online.

Tyler Perry’s Bruh Episode 13/14/15 Recap

In the three-episode premiere of ‘Tyler Perry’s Bruh’, the episodes are titled ‘Playing With Fire’, ‘On Thin Ice’, and ‘Blue Sports Car’ respectively. The 13th episode sees Bill and Regina hooking up during her bachelorette party. Meanwhile, John, being the loyal friend that he is, attempts to stop his mum from walking in on them.

In ‘On Thin Ice’, John tries his best to refrain Bill from crashing Regina’s wedding. Alice compels her son to land in a very uncomfortable position when she invites a stripper to the house. Mike finally contacts the woman who he believes to be his true love. The 15th episode follows Fiona as she tells Pamela about Mike’s true feelings. Bill plans a huge surprise for Regina to sweep her off her feet. Meanwhile, Tom, after hearing Valerie’s allegations, meets with the chief of medicine to resolve the matter.

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