10 Types of Movies You Should Watch With Your Friends

Movies and friends are always a classic combination; one that never goes wrong. We just have to pick and choose from among our friends who are really into movies and plan a movie marathon accordingly. So without much ado let’s get into an attempt of making a list of the types of movies that can be seen and enjoyed in company of friends.

10. Movies that are so bad that they are good

We all come across bad movies once in a while and understandably so but there are a few gems which crosses every limit of logic, tolerance and insanity. Watching such movies gives us an indefinable joy – a combination of what the hell is going on and ‘my eyes’ kind of feeling. Some of you might even start questioning your judgment abilities when it comes to picking a title for a movie night after having such an experience. This is exactly why such movies are perfect to be seen with your regular group of friends with whom you share a comfort level. You can literally roll on the floor while laughing at the unintentional comedy or the bathos created by a director or the incompetent group of actors who should stop taking themselves so seriously because their work isn’t. Spoof movies are also a good choice if you intentionally plan to watch a film that is both funny and sub standard.


9. Sports Movies

If you have ever watched a match live on a stadium then you probably have an idea as to how much sports can bring people together. Films based on sports or sporting icons also have that power to grip you with their inspiring tales of victory, defeat, brotherhood and the importance of working together as a team. On a lazy Sunday afternoon watching a sport based movie with your homie can be a good source of motivation for you to face the dull week ahead with a new found zeal. Apart from the obvious life lesson that it gives you, sports related movies can be good a source of entertainment too if you care to do a little research before deciding on which film to watch.


8. Action Movies

Who doesn’t love a good dose of adrenaline rush at the movies? And if your wolf pack is with you to cheer on and share the excitement, it’s pure joy. Action movies are getting better by the day and filmmakers are pushing the envelope is delivering the audiences eye popping action sequences that literally blows our collective minds. It’s not tough to understand as to why action flicks rakes up hundreds of millions of dollars worldwide. They provide us with an opportunity to visualize our inner desires of kicking asses and thrashing our enemies, so what if only cinematically. My name is Bond, James Bond, anyone?


7. Mind Bending Movies

No matter by what name you call them – psychological thrillers, brain twisters or simply mind bending movies – one cannot deny the fact that they have become a kind of rage with movie buffs around the world. Whether you watch alone or with company they never fail to put you in a fix. You will be forced to check the Wikipedia or IMDB page of the movie to clarify your doubts and assumptions. If you are not convinced even then there are numerous explanations available on various sites by discerning film enthusiasts. The benefit of watching such movies with you best buddies will be helpful for you to have a heavy and hearty discussion afterwards and each of you can come up with theories of your own. Believe me, it’s a lot of fun!


6. Animation/Live Action/Fantasy Movies

Animation is both the present and future of movies. Yes we have heard that for a long time now and to be very honest movies falling under the genre of animation have delivered their promise more often than not. So that’s good news. The very existence and purpose of animated/live action/fantasy movies are to provide us with larger than life visual effects and a parallel universe to counter our daily monotonous lives. People spend good bucks to be entertained and to be transported to a magical world which was earlier possible only in books and in our imagination. Well the good thing they are in the prime of their youth right now.


5. Superhero Movies

The love for superhero movies is an extension of our childhood fondness for video games and comic books. The movie moguls were foresighted enough to cash in our one weakness and turn it into billion dollar movie franchises. And we couldn’t thank them enough. With visionary director like Christopher Nolan venturing into the superhero genre, they are not just popcorn entertainers anymore. Today superheroes can be as philosophical and apocalyptic as any content heavy film and are slowly proving to be award season favourites. Also it simply wouldn’t make any sense to watch them alone. Watch them in big groups and cheer the loudest.


4. Thriller/Murder Mysteries

They form one of the oldest tropes of film making. Alfred Hitchcock brought style and gravitas into this genre with his inherent taste and an eye for the devil in the details and things were never the same again. Thriller/Murder mysteries are by nature intriguing; they keep you guessing till the very end and the longevity of a thriller and murder mystery lies in their ability to ensure repeat value even after the mystery/killer is revealed on the first viewing. I personally prefer to make a calculated guess long before the climax reveals the perpetrator and I ask my friends to do the same and the one who gets it right should treat the rest of us. This makes the viewing process more exciting and full of anticipation on multiple levels. Try it.


3. Road/Travel Movies

Road movies/Travel movies offer a complete package; they are fun to watch, shot in scenic locations, talks about life and its defining moments. To be more precise you live a lifetime within a movie. If you are stuck in your life or caught in a dilemma regarding an important career decision, a well recommended road movie can be the solution to your problems. It gives you the right amount of motivation to listen to your heart but also warns you in a sublet way about the unpredictability of life. Friendships or any other human relationships are not always black and white and road movies can’t put emphasis on that point enough.


2. Sex Comedies

Sex Comedies have a charm of their own. Sometimes they can be a misnomer because there is neither sex nor comedy in most of the films. But a selective few pull off a fine balance with elements of skin show, low brow jokes and coming-of-age put together in an appetizing manner. They are mostly leave your brains at home brand of cinema and don’t demand much of your intellectual effort. However they are the perfect choice for a movie night, pajama parties and parents-are-out-of-station get together. The quantity as well the quality of sex comedies have gone down tremendously but there are always the American Pies of the world to save the day or night, depending on when you are planning to have a good time with friends over at your house.


1. Horror/Slasher Movies

There is no specific reason as to why horror/slasher movies topped the list but they are always a safe bet. There are very few who will say no to a scare flick and even skeptics will give in to it once they get a taste of it. 2017 is unofficially the year of horror in Hollywood with many top notch directors trying their hands at it. So what are you waiting for? Plan your movie calendar accordingly and get in your best buddies to accompany you to the nearest movie house. Get a box of popcorn, sip into your Cola, sit back and relax err get ready to be sacred out of your wits.