‘Ugly’: As Ugly as it Can Get


‘Ugly’ is not a sensitive movie but a dark slap of reality. The movie intertwines complexity of relationships with technology, money, filmmaking, police and years old animosity. It runs our imagination wild, brings out clichéd yet gripping twists. You find yourself out of the context, wondering if this is what the story is about and this deception convinces you that the plot is leading to a different story line. In the end it is a harsh slap of reality intertwined in dull, raw and uncomfortable cinematography.

In hustle bustle of a complex, raw city life, a 10-year-old girl goes missing. She is survived by a father who is aspiring actor Rahul (played by Rahul Bhatt), an alcoholic mother Shalini (played by Tejaswini Kohlapuri), and a step father Shoumik Bose (played by Ronit Roy) who holds a top position in Mumbai Police. The narration is simply how the process takes place, for the audience it is straight, transparent, laden with corruption and malign intent, fantasy-driven story telling that pushes the viewer along in the process of where the story could lead.

Each character is driven through greed – greed of an iPhone to greed of 65 Lakh ransom everyone is chasing for more. Each character adds its greed into a hunt for innocent missing girl. While Shalini feels that her life is wasted and is forced to stay within confines of her second husband. Shoumik, being a police chief, obsesses over correcting anything that goes wrong even in personal settings. Rahul appears to be shifting his loyalties and motives to let the situation take control over him.

Emotions do not exist; they have not been captured because none of the characters feels them. Each character is sulking with a deep tragic narrative and bonds. It is about dirty adulterated human minds twisting simple situations into seeking a huge thrill, plotting revenge dictated by greed. You start experiencing this right in the beginning, a long police interrogation power trip scene that loses track of abduction and shows police’s apathy. This scene can drive audience towards impatience. The inspector on duty is interested in setting caller’s picture on a smart phone than putting his focus on the details of missing child.

You will walk out of the movie with a bitter feeling, and that feeling is likely to stay with you for quite a time. If I were to give a one line to Ugly then here it is – Spine chilling and disgustingly ‘Ugly’ emotional mis-adventure!