Undead Murder Farce Episode 9 Recap and Ending, Explained

In ‘Undead Girl Murder Farce’ or ‘Undead Murder Farce’ episode 9 titled ‘Werewolf,’ Tsugaru and his friends look for the village named Heulendorf. In their search they find a man named Heinemann, who informs them a terrible incident involving a werewolf in the village. Aya appears interested in the case and manages to convince the victim’s father to trust her with the case. Here’s everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Undead Girl Murder Farce’ or ‘Undead Murder Farce’ episode 9. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Undead Murder Farce Episode 9 Recap

About eight years ago, a werewolf was hunted down by a group of villagers. As she was surrounded, she consoled a girl named Jutte. In the present day, Tsugaru is walking in the hills of Europe looking for a village named Heulendorf. That’s when they meet a man named Heinemann, who claims from he hails from that region and informs them about a horrible incident. It turns out that a young girl named Louise has been kidnapped in the village and asks for the foreigner’s help to solve the case.

After their arrival in Heulendor, Tsugaru and his friends learn about multiple werewolf attacks on girls in which many innocent youngsters have lost their lives. They then meet Louise’s father, Gustav who is understandbly agitated and hurt. He wants to find answers as soon as possible. Aya convinces him to trust her with the case. In order to start the investigation, all of them then head to scene of crime.

Undead Murder Farce Episode 9 Ending: Is Louise Dead? What Are Aya’s Conditions to Reveal the Culprit?

After arriving in Louise’s room, Aya and Tsugaru start their investigation. They learn from the victim’s mother that she did not light the fireplace. This leads Tsugaru to conclude that the culprit could have entered the room through the chimney. Then he would have turned into a werewolf after that and caused havoc inside. The detective duo then learns that one of the windows that the werewolf broke was fixed and was never opened. Furthermore, nothing is missing from the house. As Aya becomes aware of all the factors, she starts to understand the larger picture and get a better idea of the situation.

When comparisons are made of different bite marks, it is further established that the attack was potentially not done by a copycat, something that Aya has been thinking about. While Louise’s father feels that the culprit is some insane beast, Aya clarifies that this is potentially not the case. She then points out that there is blood on the bed, but not a single drop on the floor or outside the house. This probably means that Louise’s body was wrapped up in a blanket before she was forcefully taken away. Such a thing could not potentially be done by some insane killer.

Interestingly, Shizuki points out that the lock on the shed outside is broken. When inquired, Gustav reveals that one of his rifles and ammunition was stolen from there the previous year. Those things were never found again. Tsugaru feels that the thief probably came from the city and sold off everything. Meanwhile, Aya points out that these strange things started happening since the last year. Gustav sees no connection between the two events as he feels that there can’t be any werewolf that would be interested in using a rifle.

By this point, Aya has already concluded and asks to meet the chief. Before they leave, Gustav inquires if he will see his daughter alive again or not. Instead of giving him false hope, Aya informs him that this is highly unlikely, meaning Louise is probably dead. When the chief is interviewed, he points out that the werewolves have been climbing up the cliff near the waterfall to eat innocent people whenever they please. According to him, there is also a village hidden in the waterfall called the Wolphinhel.

When Aya points out if it is the Forest of Fangs instead, the chief is dumfounded. He then inquires if the foreigners are looking for the werewolves. Aya immediately corrects him by pointing out that they are after people going after the werewolves. Although he is reluctant to reveal more information, Aya pushes the chief to make a contract with her by offering to reveal the culprit’s name in Louise’s case within two days. If she does that the chief agrees to give them more information.

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