Update on Bala Bangles From Shark Tank

Bala Bangles, the name makes you wonder – what is this brand about? Wrist bracelets or something more? Well, we will go with the latter since Bala Bangles managed to both awe and entice the Sharks in the 11th season of ‘Shark Tank’. The founders had entered the Tank, hoping for an investment of $400,000 in exchange for 10% equity. And when the entrepreneurs pitched the product, guest Shark Maria Sharapova was all in.

But she wanted to invest with another Shark — which caused the entire panel to clamor for a share! Finally, Sharapova grabbed the deal ($900,000 for a 30% stake in the company), alongside Mark Cuban. Well, so what is the concept behind this brand that impressed the Sharks so much? What is their story, and how are they doing now? The answers might surprise you!

Bala Bangles: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Bala Bangles was co-founded by husband-wife duo Natalie Holloway and Maximilian Kislevitz in 2018. Based in Los Angeles, the brand deals in stylish, weighted bands – that make workout routines convenient and more flexible. One can simply strap on these wearable wrist and ankle weights and carry on with their exercise sessions.


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Natalie and Max had initially started the brand in their detached garage and they used to ship each and every product by hand. But the duo stayed true to their motto – “GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO SWEAT.” Within just a couple of years, the couple’s vision to create beautiful, functional fitness accessories has become a full-fledged reality. After all, who does not appreciate genuine product innovation?

Bala Bangles: Where Are They Now?

With an innovative concept, backed by the likes of a celebrity endorser like Maria Sharapova, Bala has come a long way. Their current product assortment includes a gamut of accessories in different color pairings. The brand continues to cross milestones and is now found in over 1,000 global retail locations.

Apart from the staple bangles, the brand now offers other variants like the power ring (a reinvented kettlebell), Bala bars, and bend apparel. You can use the accessories to engage in workout sessions on-the-go — even while going for a stroll or doing laundry!


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Bala has become so popular that the brand is being endorsed by several other celebrities — including names like Olympian Emilie Goldblum and athlete Taylor Rae Almonte. Not to mention, Bala gets regularly featured in leading tabloids and magazines like Cosmopolitan, Health Magazine, and Vogue, to mention a few! So, you can understand its credibility! [Featured Image Credits: Bala Bangles/Instagram Handle]

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