Vanessa and Tres: Are the MAFS Stars Still a Pair?

In the enchanting realm of Lifetime’s ‘Married at First Sight’ season 3 in 2015, the love story of Vanessa Nelson and Tres Russell unfolded with a promising start. The sparks between them were undeniable, and viewers couldn’t help but root for this seemingly perfect match. However, as the season progressed, cracks in their fairy-tale romance began to emerge. Viewers witnessed the ups and downs of their relationships. But the burning question remained after the season ended: Did their love withstand the test of time and are they still together? With the flames of passion and the unpredictability of reality TV, Vanessa and Tres’ journey continued to be a spicy tale of love, compromise, and the rocky road to happily ever after.

Vanessa and Tres Had Different Expectations of Love

On the show, experts matched Vanessa Nelson with Tres Russell. Vanessa’s initial excitement turned into caution when she uncovered that Tres had impulsively signed up for ‘MAFS.’ The revelation added a layer of uncertainty to their relationship, and tensions heightened as their clashing personalities came to the forefront. They not only had different lifestyles but also different expectations of love.

While Tres reveled in the nightlife as a party-loving youngster, Vanessa had her sights set on a more settled and domestic life. The conflict between the two lovebirds reached a boiling point, forcing them to confront the stark differences that threatened to tear them apart. Despite Vanessa’s reservations and Tres’ penchant for the party scene, they made a daring decision on Decision Day – choosing to stay together.

Vanessa and Tres Have Parted Ways

After a tempestuous journey on ‘Married at First Sight,’ the love story of Vanessa and Tres turned into a long battle of clashing lifestyles in real life. Despite the initial sparks and their decision to stay together on Decision Day, the flames of their romance flickered out, leading to a heart-wrenching divorce confirmed on the reunion episode. In an interview with US Weekly in 2016, Tres, who was once fully sure of his commitment to Vanessa, found himself grappling with fading feelings over time. Despite his optimism and efforts to salvage their marriage through counseling and constant communication with experts, family, and more, he faced the harsh reality that his emotions were not rekindling.

He further revealed, “I wanted to meet to work on building a friendship together, and she thought that we were meeting to work on our marriage. When she found out my intentions, she decided it was best for us not to speak anymore. I respect her wishes, and I wish her nothing but the best.” Two months after Decision Day, in the wake of a heated exchange and hurtful words, Tres made the painful decision to grab his belongings and part ways, avoiding the escalation of further conflicts.

In a surprising twist, Vanessa reappeared on the reality TV scene, this time on ‘Married At First Sight: Second Chances,’ where she embarked on a whirlwind romance with Andre Forbes. Vanessa and Andre’s engagement unfolded after four months of dating, mirroring the rapid pace of her previous marriage. Unfortunately, lightning struck twice as Vanessa and Andre’s engagement shared the same fate as her first marriage, culminating in another heartbreaking end. In the aftermath of these tumultuous relationships, she has pivoted her focus to entrepreneurship. She has channeled her energy into her candle business, SoulWick.

Not content with being just a businesswoman, Vanessa has expanded SoulWick into a wellness project, offering summer soul sessions that encompassed meditation, mental health wellness, and various peaceful pursuits. Alongside her professional endeavors, she now finds her companionship in her furry friend, Nola, a canine companion she takes along on her travel adventures. Despite the twists and turns in her romantic life, Vanessa remains undeterred in the quest for love. Currently unattached, she openly shares her preferences for a future partner—someone who enjoys good food, revels in fun, and, crucially, embraces commitment.

On the other side of this tumultuous love saga, Tres resurfaced on ‘Married at First Sight: Where Are They Now’ in 2020. Settling in Louisville, he took on the role of Finance Director at Glenn CDJR of Louisville, showcasing a professional stability that contrasted with the turbulence of his personal life. According to his LinkedIn, he continued in this role until April 2023, after which his current whereabouts became a private matter. Amidst the uncertainties of his romantic life, he has maintained strong connections with his family and friends, providing a pillar of support during the highs and lows of post-reality TV life.

While discreet about his relationship status, he has sustained a notable friendship with fellow star Neil Bowlus, extending the bonds forged during filming. As Vanessa and Tres navigated the aftermath of their tumultuous marriages, their journeys unfolded with unique twists and turns. The allure of love, the resilience in the face of heartbreak, and the pursuit of personal growth keep this reality TV saga vibrant, leaving fans eager to uncover the next chapters in the lives of these once-star-crossed lovers.

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