Vanessa van Ewijk: Where is Jonathan Meijer’s Client Now?

Netflix’s ‘The Man with 1000 Kids’ delves into the bizarre story of Jonathan Jacob Meijer, a Dutch man who fathered thousands of children through sperm donation, allegedly deceiving many about his activities. The documentary features numerous mothers and parents who share their experiences of having children through Meijer. Among them is Vanessa van Ewijk, who had two children with him and was shocked to learn the full extent of his actions. She courageously recounts her feelings and discusses how she found solidarity and strength in others going through the same ordeal.

Vanessa Met Jonathan Through a Private Website

In 2015, at 34 years old, Vanessa van Ewijk knew she wanted to be a mother. Single at the time but resolute in her desire, she began searching for sperm donors to make her dream a reality. Lacking the funds to go through a clinic, she turned to private services and discovered a website that led her to Jonathan Jacob Meijer. A fellow Dutchman, Vanessa, met him for the first time and immediately noticed how good-looking he was. After a brief conversation, she decided to pay him for his sample. When the initial conception attempts were unsuccessful, Meijer offered to try naturally, and before long, Vanessa was pregnant with her first child.

In 2017, Vanessa decided to expand her family and remembered Jonathan Jacob Meijer, hoping to have another child biologically related to her first fully. Jonathan found time for her despite his busy schedule, and she successfully conceived her second child. Shortly afterward, Vanessa became aware of a Facebook group where other parents who had used Jonathan’s services shared their experiences. It became evident that Jonathan had fathered hundreds, if not thousands, of children. Vanessa had initially thought her first child was Jonathan’s “eighth” child, but it turned out she was one of many born after the hundreds he had already fathered. She confronted Jonathan and eventually submitted her statement in court during his investigation.

Vanessa Celebrated Jonathan’s Judicial Punishment

For Vanessa van Ewijk, the fact that Jonathan Jacob Meijer was prohibited from making any more donations by a court in the Netherlands in April 2023 was the justice she wanted for herself and her kids. He was also ordered to pay a fine of 100,000 euros for defying the country’s sperm donation laws, which restrict the number to 25. She celebrated the news and called his sentence a “judicial castration,” even her close friends congratulated her on the victory.

Vanessa found the experience of showing her face in court among many other women who had gone through similar experiences to be transformative and healing. She remarked that Jonathan’s behavior in court indicated who he was and that she did not expect anything different from him.

Vanessa is Working as a Swimming Instructor Today

Vanessa is a swimming instructor and supervisor for Sportcentrum De Waterkanten in Lisse, Netherlands. In this role, she teaches individuals of all ages how to swim, ensures swimmers’ safety, and oversees the swimming center’s day-to-day operations. Her responsibilities likely include coordinating schedules, maintaining pool cleanliness, and ensuring compliance with safety regulations.

However, Vanessa has excelled in many careers. In 2015, when she had her first child, she was working as a carpenter, a skill that continues to be helpful. She is also a talented tattoo artist and started Tessa’s Needle Art, a service company that offers tattoos, dreads, piercings, and more. She has shared some cool designs with her friends and received fantastic feedback.

Given her diverse experiences and exposure to the world, she is not shy about sharing her public and political opinions. She was particularly vocal about administrative shortages during the COVID-19 pandemic. Even for her birthday in June 2023, she did nothing fancy but just organized a fundraiser for KNRM—Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Institution, reflecting her dedication to helping others.

Vanessa van Ewijk’s Kids Light Up Her World

Currently, Vanessa’s daughter is about nine years old, and her son is about seven. They are the two lights of her life, making her world beautiful and vibrant. She has created a loving home with them in Lisserbroek, Netherlands, and is always ready to provide them with everything they wish. This dedication is evident in how she made a small pond in their backyard, decorating it extensively for their enjoyment. Vanessa is currently in a relationship but has chosen to keep it private. Given her experiences and the scrutiny her family has endured, it is only natural that she would seek to maintain some privacy. Vanessa’s focus remains on providing a nurturing environment for her children while balancing her personal life with grace and discretion.

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