Veera Swathi: Where is Srikanth Bolla’s Wife Now?

Director Tushar Hiranandani’s ‘Srikanth’ charts a biographical story about the real-life Srikanth Bolla, a renowned Indian entrepreneur who made waves for people with disabilities. Born with blindness, the businessman faced many obstacles in his life as he sought his desired education while battling an exclusionary education system. As such, proving others’ biases wrong, Srikanth established his own business, Bollant Industries, which values sustainability and employment of people with disabilities.

In Srikanth’s journey, the on-screen character finds a helping hand from various people throughout his life who support him in his decisions and help him actualize his full potential. One of these characters is Swathi, a young woman he meets during his time at MIT. Consequently, their love story unfolding in the film must have piqued the audiences’ intrigue about Bolla’s actual partner, Swathi, and her real life.

Veera Swathi Met Srikanth Bolla in 2015

For the most part, ‘Srikanth,’ the film, retains authenticity to its namesake subject and his life. Yet, in order to cinematically adapt Srikanth Bolla’s life story, filmmaker Tushar Hiranandani and his team of writers take some creative liberty. The same seems to be the case for Swathi’s character, who is introduced into the film’s narrative while Srikanth is a student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. However, Bolla’s actual relationship with his future wife unfolded differently off-screen.

In real life, Bolla first met Swathi in 2015 after she messaged him on Facebook. She had seen online posts about him playing baseball at MIT and decided to pursue him. Despite their instant chemistry, he remained weary and shy, compelling Swathi to chase after him. Eventually, her efforts—that Bolla would later compare to a rom-com—won the man over. Thus, the two began their lives together, with Swathi remaining a crucial point of support on Bolla’s side.

Although the structure of Bolla and Swathi’s relationship remains the same in their on-screen love story, the timeline seems to have been moved up a bit. In the film, Swathi meets Srikanth before his graduation from MIT. Consequently, she ends up encouraging him to return to India and use his inspirational story to build better opportunities for others with disabilities to bring about positive change. Therefore, she remains a crucial influence over on-screen Srikanth’s decision to open Bollant Industries. Nonetheless, in real life, Bolla had already launched his company in 2012 while he was still in college. As such, while the actual Veera Swathi supported him in his business ventures, she wasn’t around to see its genesis.

Veera Swathi and Srikanth Bolla got Married in 2022

After their meeting in 2015, Veera Swathi and Srikanth Bolla remained instrumental fixtures in each others’ lives. The former provided reliable support to the latter as he continued to expand and grow his business. On April 23, 2022, the couple tied the knot, celebrating their love and life with their friends and families in a traditional ceremony. Since then, Bolla has often shared posts about Swathi on his social media, appreciating her place in his life and showcasing his gratitude for their relationship.

In an Instagram post that the businessman shared in 2024, he wrote, “As we dove headfirst into this crazy journey called life together, I quickly realized how incredibly fortunate I am to have her [Swathi Veera Bolla] as my partner. Her unwavering support, boundless kindness, and selfless dedication to our family have been a source of strength and joy beyond measure.”

Veera Swathi Bolla is a Mother who Leads a Private Life

Unlike her husband, Veera Swathi prefers to live a private life away from public attention. As such, she sports no public accounts on social media platforms. Even so, fans can catch updates about her life through Srikanth Bolla’s social media presence, where he likes to share tidbits of his and his wife’s journey as new parents. The couple had a daughter in 2024, whom they named Naina.

Since then, Bolla has shared posts about Swathi and her relationship with their daughter on numerous occasions, praising her parenting skills. “Swathi, you are not only the love of my life but also the most incredible mother to our daughter,” he said in one such post. “Seeing you cradle her in your arms, showering her with love and tenderness, fills me with a sense of gratitude beyond words. You possess a strength and nurturing spirit that I admire more than anything else in this world.” Thus, Swathi Veera remains a devoted wife and a mother, supporting her family and ensuring they shine to their fullest potential. Yet, she herself seems to prefer a more subdued life out of the limelight.

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