Vianey Rodriguez and Allen Lewis: Where Are My 600-lb Life Participants Now?

In an emotional journey documented on season 7 of TLC’s ‘My 600-lb Life,’ Vianey Rodriguez and Allen Lewis shared their struggles with morbid obesity as a couple. The story unfolded as they faced the challenges of codependency, their shared affinity for food, and the impact it had on their health. Allen initially weighed 648 pounds, and Vianey was also excessively overweight at 594 pounds. On the show, we saw how both Vianey and Allen embarked on a transformative weight loss journey, shedding light on the complexities of their relationship and its entanglement with food.

Vianey and Allen’s Path to Transformation was Fraught With Challenges

Vianey’s battle with overeating can be traced back to her formative years when her late mother subjected her to body-shaming, creating a cycle that led her to be confined to her bed. Allen assumed the role of her caretaker, navigating his mobility challenges. Allen made strides, shedding 130 pounds, while Vianey incorporated therapy sessions into her regimen and lost around 120 pounds.

The next phase of their journey involved the recommendation for weight loss surgery, a crucial step endorsed by Dr. Nowzaradan. Vianey, recognizing the pivotal role the surgery played in her path to a healthier future, expressed her commitment, stating, “Without it, I have no hope for a future at all, so I have to get this no matter how terrified I am.” However, the anticipated surgery took an unforeseen turn for the worse. During the operation, Vianey experienced a cardiac arrest, leading to a critical situation on the operating table. The medical team had to halt the procedure because of this life-threatening complication.

While Allen’s surgery proved successful, Vianey’s cardiac arrest during the operation altered the trajectory of her weight loss journey. This unexpected turn added a layer of complexity and adversity to their shared struggle. The couple faced the stark reality that even with the best intentions and medical support, the path to transformation could be marred with challenges. The contrast in their surgical outcomes underscored the unpredictable nature of their journey. Vianey and Allen’s efforts, monitored by Dr. Nowzaradan, led to significant weight loss, with Allen dropping to 376 pounds and Vianey reaching 368 pounds.

Vianey and Allen Were United by Love But Separated by Death

In the aftermath of their journey on the show, Vianey Rodriguez and Allen Lewis faced a tumultuous reality marked by challenges that extended beyond their weight loss efforts. The couple, who initially became codependent because of their shared love of food, encountered unexpected trials in their post-show life. Following the show, they had a joint Facebook account that shared updates on their whereabouts and struggles. However, the account no longer exists. Vianey, on her account, opened up about their situation. They found themselves seeking shelter in Arkansas, escaping an impending ice storm. Vianey expressed gratitude for temporary housing but highlighted the difficulties they faced due to unprofessional property management.

The couple’s struggles escalated when Allen, Vianey’s caretaker, reached a breaking point, expressing thoughts of self-harm. Vianey expressed that she recognized the crisis and took swift action to ensure his well-being. In their subsequent journey, Allen’s mental stability became a focal point, with his partner hopeful that their new environment would positively impact him. She later joined a 3-month program focusing on physical and spiritual well-being. Tragically, in November 2023, news surfaced that Vianey had passed away at Cox Medical Centre in Branson, Missouri. Reports indicated that she was still married to Allen at the time of her death, and the couple had been living a happy life.

Following Vianey’s sudden demise, her brother-in-law, Jason Lewis, established an account to help his brother Allen with the financial aftermath. The account aimed to collect funds to cover Vianey’s bills, shedding light on the financial strain on their lives. Jason provided updates on Vianey’s health, revealing that she had developed pneumonia during a COVID-19 treatment but ultimately succumbed to respiratory challenges. In the wake of Vianey’s passing, Allen now navigates life without his wife. In his professional life, he took on new roles as a Delivery Man at Amazon Flex, Uber Eats worker, In-Shopper and Delivery Driver at Instacart, and Dasher and Delivery Driver at DoorDash.

He has also delved into DJ music, becoming a self-taught House DJ from Chicago. Allen’s social media presence reflects the grief of losing his wife, with frequent posts expressing how much he misses her. However, a surprising revelation has emerged from his Facebook page, implying that he has entered a new relationship since January 1, 2024. Allen explained that Vianey would have wanted him to move on and even suggested he explore a new romantic connection. The intricate journey of Vianey and Allen illustrates the ongoing challenges they faced beyond the confines of the show.

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