Skateboarding Secured: VibeRide’s Breakthrough on Shark Tank

Skateboarding, with its roots tracing back to the 1940s and 1950s surf culture in California, has evolved into a global phenomenon. Originally born as a sidewalk alternative to surfing when the waves were flat, skateboarding has become an art form and a competitive sport. One challenge that skateboarders often face is limited control over speed and braking, particularly when cruising downhill. Traditional skateboards lack a reliable braking system, making downhill descents potentially dangerous.

The issue led to the birth of VibeRide, a company dedicated to revolutionizing the skateboarding industry. On the 10th episode of season 15 of ‘Shark Tank,’ VibeRide showcased its groundbreaking longboard brake system and established how innovation is the only way forward in extreme sports. It garnered the eyeballs of many, who must be curious about an update in relation to their current standing in the market.

VibeRide: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Among the countless students immersing themselves in the adventurous spirit of Utah were three friends and students at the University of Utah – Charlie Cannon, Carson MacDonald, and Chris Goodhue. Bonded by their shared passion for skateboarding, the trio, all in their 20s, found themselves captivated by the diverse terrains comprising sprawling mountains, canyons, and open spaces surrounding the campus. As they navigated the hills and slopes, the men often encountered a common challenge – the lack of reliable speed control during downhill rides. Confronting this issue became a routine part of their skateboarding experiences, prompting them to brainstorm potential solutions.

After their graduation in 2020, the trio, particularly Charlie Cannon, persisted in their pursuit of enhancing skateboard safety. Despite Charlie becoming the founder of EXO Drones that same year, he simultaneously continued refining skateboard products with his friends. Through diligent research, they uncovered that Australian venture Brakeboard pioneered longboard brakes in 1999. Undeterred, they acquired Brakeboard’s designs and patents, reimagining and perfecting them to align with contemporary needs. This strategic move not only paid homage to the pioneers but also allowed VibeRide to offer diverse forms of brakes, enriching their product line with innovative solutions for the modern skateboarder.

VibeRide’s revolutionary brake system has indeed transformed the skateboarding industry. Incorporating mini disc brakes with ceramic discs sourced directly from car factories, their innovative approach has significantly enhanced the safety of longboards. In the initial months following the product launch in 2023, VibeRide achieved remarkable success, reportedly generating an impressive $50,000 in sales. Leveraging strategic collaborations on social media, they successfully established a prominent brand presence, meeting and exceeding customer demands. By making longboards safer, VibeRide has contributed to making this exhilarating sport more accessible to individuals of all ages.

Where is VibeRide Now?

With shifting paradigms in transportation and a growing preference for environmentally conscious and safer commuting alternatives over traditional fuel-powered vehicles, VibeRide aligns perfectly with the demands of modern lifestyles. As people seek sustainable and innovative means of transportation, the boost in alternative forms of travel is expected to continue in the coming years. By presenting their groundbreaking brake system on ‘Shark Tank’ — a show with over 7 million weekly viewers on average, VibeRide has likely experienced a substantial surge in visibility and customer engagement.

VibeRide caters to a diverse range of riders with its three distinct longboard options. The Pro Brake, designed for any terrain, is ideal for adventurous individuals exploring challenging geographical locations. The Classic Brake is tailored for beginners and those cruising on plain roads within urban spaces. The Switch Brake, a versatile choice, allows users to transition from beginner to expert levels and provides the flexibility to adjust the brake to leash or pedal. These longboards come in various designs with unique features, offering a personalized experience.

Prices range from $211 to $378, providing options for different preferences and budgets. Additionally, VibeRide offers brake kits and spare parts separately, ensuring ongoing support for their products. For those seeking novel experiences, the company also ventures into the realm of electric scooters and e-boards, expanding their offerings beyond traditional longboards. The journey of VibeRide from the dorm rooms of the University of Utah to the set of ‘Shark Tank’ is a testament to the transformative power of passion and innovation.

The collective dedication of Charlie Cannon, Carson MacDonald, and Chris Goodhue to overcoming the challenges of downhill skateboarding has not only reshaped their personal experiences but also holds the potential to redefine safety standards in the broader skateboarding community. The unique and varied terrain of Utah, which initially sparked their love for skateboarding, now serves as a fitting origin story for a product poised to change the game for downhill riders worldwide.

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