Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 23 Recap: Two Paths

In the twenty-third episode of ‘Vinland Saga’ season 2 titled ‘Two Paths,’ Thorfinn refuses to fight back against Canute when given a hypothetical scenario in which his back is against the wall. The King is quite impressed with his determination and eventually leaves Ketil’s farm. He later goes on to demilitarize many regions under his control and tries hard to stick to principles of peace inspired by Thorfinn.

Thorfinn’s Message of Peace And Tolerance

As Thorfinn stands in front of him, Canute struggles internally. As a man who does not understand what the King has to go through, Thorfinn should potentially be killed for his resistance against him. However, Canute keeps his emotions in check and lets Thorfinn speak his mind. When asked what he will do if the peace negotiations don’t work and he is pushed to fight, Thorfinn says that he would simply run as long as he can to avoid a direct confrontation.

Thorfinn also claims that he understands that the King plans to make a world where a majority gets to experience a perfect world at the expense of a subjugated minority. But this is also unacceptable to him and he tells Canute that he will create a world for the subjugated people living in his leadership so that they can have a chance of respectful life. Canute is quite impressed with Thorfinn’s resolve and admits that he has never been in a more complicated peace negotiation discourse in the past.

Canute eventually understands Thorfinn’s determination for peace and leaves the farm. He later goes on to slowly demilitarize regions in England despite the risks. His efforts bear fruit and eventually, there is no uprising against his rule as many have feared. Canute also ensures that his army is not too big and sticks to principles of peace inspired by Thorfinn.

Do Einar and Thorfinn Go to Vinland?

A few days later, Thorfinn finds Einar offering flowers on Arnheid’s grave. He is lost in his thoughts and Thorfinn simply stands next to him. All of a sudden, Einar asks his friend if they are going to the land beyond the sea. Thorfinn recalls when Arnheid was at the death’s door, he could not muster the courage to tell her why she should stay alive. His sentiments are understandable considering she has already been through hell. Thorfinn does not wish to be so helpless anymore and wants to create a world where he can tell people to live.

Thorfinn truly feels that he can create a world that is more appealing than death, which could save a lot of people whose only salvation is death. He thinks that’s all people like him really want from the world but unfortunately never got it until now. Thorfinn vows to make a place like that if it doesn’t exist as of now. He asks for Einar’s support to create such a world that they can proudly tell Arnheid about. Einar is also motivated and tells his friend that they will create a world beyond the sea that is without war or slavery.

Interestingly, they stick to their tall claims and meet Sverkell and others one last time before leaving. Ketil was actually lied to by others that it was Olmar who has convinced Canute to return. Meanwhile, Pater reassures the two friends that they can count on him to look after Arnheid’s grave. Olmar thanks Thorfinn for everything he has done for the farm and tells him that he aspires to become a man like him who is kind and strong.

Before leaving, Thorfinn and Einar thanked Sverkel for his guidance and help over the years. Interestingly, they refuse to take any gold or silver that is offered to them and leave empty-handed. Snake listens to everything quietly until he sees the ship slowly sailing away. He then shouts to inform Thorfinn and Einar that his real name is Roald, the son of Grim. The two friends are ecstatic to finally have the privilege to learn his name and say their goodbyes as the ship sails away from the farm.

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