Vritika Gupta: Under the Bridge Star Began Acting at the Age of 7

The Indian American community continues to expand and make its presence felt across various fields, including the entertainment industry. One notable example is 14-year-old child actor Vritika Gupta, who has been actively involved in acting since age 7. Her recent role in Hulu’s ‘Under the Bridge,’ where she plays the character of Reena Virk, has propelled her into the universal spotlight. The miniseries is based on a true story, and Vritika has been lauded for making herself one with the character. She has gained newfound recognition for her performance on the show; thus, it is natural for her fans to be eager to learn more about her work and background to better understand her.

Vritika Gupta is of South Asian Ethnicity

Vritika Gupta’s roots trace back to India. Her Indian-American parents, Ashish and Upasna Gupta, established their residence in Bellevue, Washington. They were blessed with two daughters — Yuvika and Vritika Gupta, with the latter born on January 9, 2010. Although she has lived in the States all her life, Vritika honors her origin by celebrating Indian festivals such as Holi surrounded by her loved ones.

Vritika started her educational journey at Kokanee Elementary School in Woodinville, Washington, where she displayed exceptional aptitude not only academically but also in various extracurricular pursuits. She explored her interests in singing, dancing, and sports alongside her studies. Vritika demonstrated prowess in volleyball and basketball and even engaged in competitive swimming for some time.

Vritika Gupta’s Career Comprises Commercials, Theatre and Films

In 2017, Vritika Gupta’s focus shifted entirely to acting as she embarked on her professional career. She proactively enrolled in acting classes and training programs associated with Wendy Faraone, Heidi Walker, Tony Doupe, and Patti Kalles to hone her skills. Her first breakthrough came from commercial and advertisement opportunities, where she collaborated with brands such as Nike Kids, Keysight Signal Analyzer, Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium, and Microsoft Surface. Building on this momentum, Vritika secured her first significant role in 2018, starring in the short film ‘Let It Slide.’ Immediately after this, she was cast as the lead for the pilot of a TV series titled ‘Finding Bapu.’

In 2019, Vritika Gupta participated in the 48 Hours Film Project, showcasing her talent in short films: ‘Killing It’ and ‘Banana Breakdown: Panda Takedown.’ She caught the attention of many people and was praised for her performances. Continuing her journey, she expanded her repertoire by entering theater in 2019. She graced the stage at the Seattle Children’s Theatre, portraying diverse roles such as the Old Woman, Little Sister, and Rage in ‘In the Grim Forest,’ and serving as the narrator for ‘Sabriye – The Superwoman!’

Vritika remained dedicated to theater and short films in the subsequent years. Her performance in the 2021 short film ‘In The Event of My Death’ received critical acclaim. Concurrently, Vritika’s prowess on stage grew, culminating in her portrayal of Young Amira in the renowned play ‘Abraham’s Land,’ marking a significant milestone in her career. She expanded her skill set by taking coaching for voiceover artistry. In 2021, she became a voiceover artist for ‘Olorem,’ a science fiction mystery podcast. Her acting journey commenced with the horror film ‘Cross Hollow,’ marking her debut in the film industry, and her momentum in securing roles has since continued unabated.

Her career continued to ascend in 2022, with appearances in both television and film. She appeared in a single episode of the TV series ‘Launchpad’ and was even featured in films such as ‘The Ghost’ and ‘We Are Powerful.’ Since her breakout role as Reena Virk in ‘Under the Bridge,’ Vritika has garnered recognition as an emerging star in the entertainment industry. With several major projects on the horizon, including the TV mini-series ‘Gamer 2.0,’ currently in post-production, and upcoming releases of her other short films, Vritika’s trajectory as a prominent figure in the industry shows no signs of slowing down.

Vritika Gupta’s Family and Friends Give Her Strength

Vritika’s journey in the entertainment industry is not just a personal triumph but a testament to the unwavering support of her family and friends. Her older sister, Yuvika Gupta, stands as a pillar of encouragement, cheering her on through every project and milestone. Meanwhile, her mother, Upasna Gupta, remains a constant source of support, standing by her side through all her professional pursuits. Among her friends, Vritika is celebrated as a rising star, affectionately dubbed a “movie star” by those closest to her.

She took a well-deserved break recently, jetting off with her friends for a memorable trip to the Bahamas. Despite her growing success, Vritika remains humble, recognizing that there’s always more to learn. She continues honing her craft through acting classes, determined to refine her skills further. With her family now based in Seattle, Washington, Vritika’s journey is marked by her talent and the unwavering support and love of those who believe in her dreams.

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