VU Bistro on Restaurants on the Edge: Where Are They Now?

‘Restaurants on the Edge’ has a way to lift one’s spirit as the trio group of experts in their respective capacities, tour different restaurants across the world and offer their insights. This then results in a transformation that is positively upbeat not just in attracting customers but in the very core of the restaurant’s philosophy.

As we clung to our seats watching VU Bistro receive such a professional makeover, we are obviously curious about how it is doing now. Heidi Hake has put a lot into her dream restaurant, and wanting the very best for it saw a transformation of a de-cluttered space with a re-invented bar and interiors. However, a lot still depends on what the restaurant has made of its change.

VU Bistro: What Does it Serve?

VU Bistro promises a fine dining experience that leaves your spirit refreshed. While that is a high bar to fulfill, it is still necessary if you want your restaurant to be loved and appreciated. The restaurant website keeps it brief and to the point in almost all of its sections. The food menu charts out a couple of dishes like Bison Nachos, Arizona Patio Oysters, and Prickly Pear Barbeque Chicken Salad. The food list is not extensive, but it might an attempt to highlight variety. Though the menu shows food and drinks, the kind of drinks they offer is not mentioned. You can check VU Bistro’s website here.

Interestingly, the restaurant hosts some events, like music performances conducted by various artists. This seems to have a good effect on the ambiance of the restaurant. One of VU Bistro’s highlight is the ‘view’ they offer through their seating arrangement on the patio. They exclusively highlight this feature, and it does look tempting, as it opens itself up to the scenic view outside.

The restaurant has a Facebook page, which showcases the restaurant’s various events and customer reviews. They also celebrated their appearance on ‘Restaurants on the Edge,’ The restaurant has also catered to wedding events, Valentine’s day special, etc. It also has a budding Instagram handle, that celebrates its local produce and dishes to its colorful details.

Hake also seems to have gotten her fair share of publicity post their makeover. All in all, it seems to be going well for the restaurant now, right? Well, let’s see.

VU Bistro: Where Are They Now?

If anything can paint an accurate picture of a restaurant’s success, it is, of course, their customer reviews. How you serve, goes a long way in how your reputation is served as well. The aesthetic and practical change that we saw VU Bistro witness sure seems to be headed the long way. But as of recent, we can also briefly glance at the reviews to get a better idea.

The recent reviews on the restaurant are more or less better than before. Even though the number of reviews hasn’t gone drastically up, it does seem that in general, they have more positive now. Older reviews stated obvious problems with the restaurant’s food and service. In addition, it had a problematic reply from the restaurant’s end too. 

However, this seems to have seen a turnabout in their new reviews. It looks like people now appreciate the ambiance and food much more than they did previously.

“The best food… Seriously. Beef stroganoff is awesome. Split pea soup… Oh my! Lasagna.. Oh yes!” (Yelp)

While it doesn’t give a proper indicator as to what it implies, there are reviews that go like this as well:

“Absolutely disgusting! Wouldn’t patronize this nasty disgusting place if it was the only food on earth!  You should be ashamed of yourselves!!!!  I  can only hope your restaurant closes for good!  Bury it!!!  Nothing good here!” (Yelp)

The Facebook reviews paint good observations since it featured on ‘Restaurants on the Edge.’

Seems like VU Bistro, from its journey as a salon to a restaurant, has had its fair share of history as Hake puts it. The owner and the restaurant seem to be looking ahead to build a sustaining impression in the field of fine dining experience.   

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