Warrior Season 3 Episode 9 Recap and Ending, Explained

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Based on a concept developed by Bruce Lee, Max’s ‘Warrior’ is a martial arts period drama series. Set in San Francisco in the late 1870s, the plot follows Ah Sahm (Andrew Koji), a Chinese immigrant who comes to America from China looking for his older sister and becomes embroiled in the Tong wars in Chinatown. In season 3 episode 9, ‘All of Death is Going Home,’ Hop Wei suffers a tragic loss, but the show must go on for the Tong. Mai Ling faces the consequences of her ruthless orders that led to the elimination of all the elders of Long Zii and Kong Pak. Strickland and Leary have a violent falling out, and Bill receives a sudden job opportunity. Here is what you want to know about the ending of ‘Warrior’ season 3 episode 9. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Warrior Season 3 Episode 9 Recap

As is often the case with ‘Warrior,’ this episode begins with violence. Strickland hears a noise and comes out to find that Lai has killed one of his men. Unfortunately, Strickland is a veteran of the Civil War, a former cavalry officer, and a master of the saber. Lai, for all her talent, is no match for his experience. She is killed, and her body is left on Nellie’s doorstep. Nellie subsequently brings Lai to Ah Toy, and both women vow that justice will be served.

After the night of the knife, during which Mai Ling effectively eradicated all of her detractors from the ranks of Long Zii, she discovers that she now has to be concerned about what Li Yong might do to her. So when he tries to get close to her, he finds several members of the Tong confronting him. Stunned, he attacks one of them and easily subdues the person, prompting the others to take a step back. Li Yong then approaches Mai Ling and asks her whether she really thinks that he would hurt her. As tears roll down her cheeks, Mai Ling admits she doesn’t know, prompting Li Yong to leave.

Meanwhile, Bill wakes up with pain in every part of his body, letting him know that he has survived a brawl the previous night. His wife informs him that some people are waiting for him outside. Fearing he will be arrested, Bill comes out of the house with much trepidation, only to discover that the Mayor is standing there with Bill’s friends from the force. Although Atwood gave a written testimony (his jaw was shut) claiming that Bill attacked him, Bill’s friends told Buckley that the Police Chief had an accident. Buckley makes Bill the new police chief, promising him that they will soon get rid of the “Protestant from New York.”

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In Chinatown, Ah Sham visits Yan Mi with the bills that Young Jun’s men have made. It’s still not as good as the ones she makes, but it’s getting there. He urges her to leave, knowing that there is a chance that Young Jun will come after her. She asks him to come with her, even though she knows he will not.

As Father Jun’s condition continues to worsen, the doctors throw up their hands. In a personal moment between father and son, Father Jun tells Young Jun that he wants a dignified death and not slowly lose himself to his disease. Although it evidently paints him, Young Jun keeps his father’s request and kills him.

Marcel, the nightclub singer Hong has grown close, watches him beat up a police officer at the club, and they are suddenly forced to confront the most pivotal moment in their relationship and seem to part ways. Leary discovers he has been manipulated after Strickland refuses to replace his Chinese workforce with Irish people. In response, Leary and his men blow up the bridge Strickland has been building. When Strickland sends a group of men to his bar, Leary kills most of them, letting his inner gangster out.

Warrior Season 3 Episode 9 Ending: Will Ah Sahm Betray Young Jun?

As Ah Toy tells Ah Sahm when he confides in her, he never belonged in the Tong. His circumstances forced him into one, and his sense of duty kept him there. Now that he has found something more important to protect, it’s probably time for him to move on. Lee and Moseley raid Yan Mi’s home and find the counterfeit money she has taken from Hop Wei, giving them grounds for her arrest. When Ah Sahm finds out about this, he goes to the police station and makes a deal with Lee, Moseley, and Bill, promising them the plates and Young Jun in exchange for Yan Mi’s freedom, effectively making the warning his sister gave to Young Jun come true.

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Ah Sahm visits Chao and gives him the money he has been saving up for safekeeping. One has to wonder what in their shared experience convinced Ah Sahm to do this. Chao, first and foremost, is an opportunist. He might appear as a friend because of his actions, but the intent behind them has always been self-serving. In this episode, Happy Jack’s men find Chao. They know that he killed their former boss and has come seeking revenge on his behalf. Desperate, Chao promises them that he can get them the plates.

The relationship between Young Jun and Ah Sahm is set to explode in the season 4 finale. Since Young Jun found out that Ah Sahm and Mai Ling are siblings, cracks have started to form in their previously strong bond, and it has only worsened in the following episodes. Ah Sahm may not die in the finale because of his protagonist plot armor, but he is likely to lose either the woman he loves or the man he considers his best friend.

Does Li Yong Leave Long Zii?

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As Li Yong leaves after Mai Ling effectively tells him that she is afraid of him, he shrugs off the robe marking him as a Long Zii member, indicating that he is quitting the Tong. Mai Ling knows that her authority over the Tong flows through Li Yong, and she needs him to hold on to her position, especially since the deaths of Kong Pak and the elders. There is also the fact that she loves him. But her survival instinct has become so sharp that it has turned into ruthlessness, creating perhaps a permanent divide between her and Li Yong.

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