Was It Love Episode 13: When And Where to Watch?

This week’s double-episode dose of ‘Was It Love?’ finally gives us some answers! We learn who is the mystery man behind Ae Jeong’s woes. And we also discover the identity of Ha Nee’s dad. What’s more, the episodes explain the exact reasons as to why Ae Jeong decided to bring up her daughter alone. Well, if you have already watched the last episodes, you might want to get some insights on when the next part will hit Netflix. Read on!

Was It Love? Episode 13 Release Date

‘Was It Love?’ episode 13 is slated to release on August 19, 2020, at 3 am ET on Netflix. This will be followed by episode 14, which drops on August 20, 2020. Two new episodes will drop every Wednesday and Thursday on the streamer. Season 1 will comprise 16 episodes, each spanning around 70 minutes in length.

Where to Watch Was It Love? Episode 13 Online?

You can stream ‘Was It Love?’ episode 13 on Netflix. You can additionally catch up on the episode by downloading the Netflix app. Korean residents can watch the show by tuning into their tv screens on the dates mentioned above — with the help of a cable subscription for the JTBC channel.

Was It Love? Episode 11 & 12 Recap

Episode 11 starts off with Dae-o asking Ae Jeong is he is Ha Nee’s dad. After all, she had lied about her husband being dead all this while. Ae Jeong then tells: “Nothing is going to change whoever the father is”. She requests Dae-o to never return to her life. And in a flashback, we learn that she had been visiting abortion clinics in the past. Dae-o meets Ryu Jin who explains that he was at Ae Jeong’s place since he just wants to help out the single mom and her daughter. When Ryu Jin states that Dae-o wasn’t there for 14 years, the latter punches him.

Ryu Jin later meets his manager Ms. Song and he sees the DNA results. He discovers that he is not Ha Nee’s father. After repeated requests, Ae Jeong meets Dae-o and finally reveals that he is indeed the dad. She explains that when she learned she was pregnant, she had visited his house to tell him the news. But she saw him with another woman and decided to raise the child alone. Later, we also learn that Ryu Jin had deleted the texts sent by Ae Jeong to Dae-o! In a flashback, we discover that a drunk A Rin was with Dae-o that fated night. She had lunged for a kiss but it was not Dae-o’s fault.

Episode 12 starts off with Haa Nee being devastated after news leaks that she is the child of Ryu Jin. Of course, this is a rumor publicized by the press. Dae-o finds her in an alley, sobbing silently. He tries his best to ensure that his daughter is fine while Ryu Jin gets into a major argument with his manager Ms. Song. Ryu Jin asks her to back off and decides to hold a press conference.

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