All 9 Wes Anderson Movies, Ranked From Average to Best

4. Moonrise Kingdom (2012)


Yes, Moonlight Kingdom is over stylized. But that’s also what makes it so watchable. There are lots of memorable moments in ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ that stays with you long after the film is over. ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ has a great color palate (one of the best of Anderson’s) and is majorly fun to look at, it has Anderson stamp all over it.


3. The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

Best Movie Shots 2014 The Grand Budapest Hotel

The most recent work of Anderson and the largest. What makes this film so unforgettable (aside from the amazing performance of Ralph Fiennes) is its synchrony. Watching this film you can’t help but notice how extravagant it all is. The shots are all gorgeous and creative, and it’s fast and fun and witty and everything you want a Wes Anderson film to be, and it’s all wrapped up nicely with a bow on top. Also note that the colorization is his greatest yet (and in keeping perfectly with the tonality of his writing).


2. Rushmore (1998)


‘Rushmore’ is the number one in all of our hearts. This film found Wes Anderson his true voice, via Jason Shwartzman. Rushmore has all the quirk that we’ve grown to love in Anderson pieces over the years and more. What makes this project so perfect is its relatability. Anderson seems to have captured what it is to be young and in love better than almost Director had before or has since, and Rushmore has such a watch-ability factor that it will forever remain popular to his fans.


1. The Royal Tenenbaums (2001)


This is likely the film Anderson will be remembered for in 50 years. The reason this placed at No.1 is simple. It’s the amalgamation of all of the qualities that we admire his films for. It’s got the awe factor of Budapest, the charm of Life Aquatic, the personality of Rushmore, the writing expertise of Darjeeling, the indie feel of Bottle Rocket, and the stylization of Moonrise Kingdom. This is Wes Anderson’s greatest work to date.

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