What Happened to Louie’s Baby in Snowfall?

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FX’s crime drama seriesSnowfall’ revolves around Franklin Saint, an African-American young man who emerges as the kingpin of the Los Angeles drug scene. His uncle Jerome Saint and aunt Louanne “Louie” Saint play significant roles in the growth of Franklin as an infamous drug lord. As the series progresses, Jerome and Louie initially become his trusted generals and later enemies as the couple’s ambitions make them stand against Franklin. As Louie tries her best to build her own empire in the City of Angels with her husband, the viewers must be curious about what really happened to her baby. Well, let us provide the answer! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Financial Aid Denied to Franklin

In the third season finale, titled ‘Other Lives,’ Franklin gets forced to leave his university since he doesn’t receive the financial aid he requested to study in the predominantly White educational institution. His unsympathetic advisor asks him to spend his own money to continue his course at the place. He visits Jerome and Louie after returning home from the university. His uncle tells him that he doesn’t have enough money to give him since he needs what he has to welcome his and Louie’s baby to the world. Franklin spends his time with his pregnant aunt before leaving the house as well.

Image Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FX

Although Louie is pregnant in the episode, she is never seen with a baby in the rest of the series. Thus, the viewers can’t be blamed for wondering about Louie’s child. However, Louie neither had a baby nor had been pregnant. The particular sequence plays out in Franklin’s mind after he gets shot by Melody Wright, his on-and-off girlfriend who tries to kill him since he has killed her father. Franklin’s father Alton Williams leads his wounded son to a bathtub and tends to his wounds while the kingpin dreams of an alternative reality in which he makes different choices, most prominently the one to not be a drug dealer.

Through the episode, co-creator Dave Andron depicts how Franklin always had a choice and how different his life would have been if he had made different choices. Louie becoming pregnant is also connected to the choices Franklin makes because his choices have led his aunt to a distinct pathway in life. If Franklin has managed to stay away from Avi Drexler and his drug trade, Louie wouldn’t have led him to Claudia to sell a “brick,” which kickstarts the Franklin era of the Los Angeles drug scene. Louie’s decision to take Franklin to Claudia changes both her and her nephew’s lives as they become parts of a dangerous world.

Image Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FX

If Franklin hasn’t threatened his own life by promising Avi to sell a brick, Louie and Jerome may have stayed away from cocaine all through their lives. They must have gotten contented with their small-scale weed trade, which doesn’t endanger anyone’s life. If Franklin has decided against continuing his drug dealings, Jerome and Louie may even have married earlier and considered having children. Franklin’s choice, however, places them in the center of a drug war, which is not at all a predicament safe enough for them to consider having a child. Thus, through the alternative reality sequences in the episode, the series depicts the consequences of the kingpin’s actions, especially the ones that concern his loved ones.

Louie and Jerome get married in the fifth season. However, it is unlikely that she will be ready to get pregnant when both of their lives are threatened by Kane Hamilton, who sends his men to kill both of them multiple times. The couple’s priority is staying alive and they are mature enough to know that welcoming a child in such circumstances is not different from sentencing the latter to death.

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