What Happened to Nurse Lucille? Why Did Leonie Elliott Leave Call the Midwife?

Unfettered by the irreverent struggles that envelop her, Nurse Lucille Anderson slowly became an invaluable member of the Nonnatus House. Season 12 of ‘Call the Midwife’ features the culmination of issues that threaten to render Lucille undone. From battling issues of fertility to handling a nervous breakdown, the season caps off with Lucille’s departure from Poplar.

Leonie Elliot portrays the character of Nurse Lucille Anderson, who decides to leave for Jamaica and not return. Fans have been heartbroken to see an integral character of the drama leave. So, if you’re also wondering about the actress’ reason for departure and her current whereabouts, look no further because we’ve got all the information right here!

Why did Leonie Elliot Leave Call the Midwife?

After an eventful five years on the BBC series, Leonie Elliot has seemingly decided to leave ‘Call the Midwife’ of her own volition. The actress joined the cast in 2018 as Nurse Lucille Anderson. However, after a five-year stint on the show, she has decided to part from her portrayal of a pioneering woman. While BBC has not released an official statement detailing the reason behind Leonie’s exit, the actress has taken to her social media to report on her feelings.

Leonie posted a heartfelt message on Twitter where she wrote, “..It is with a heart full of love and appreciation that I embark on pastures new.” She further wrote, “I would like to say a massive thank you to the brilliant cast and our uber talented creative team…” The actress even stated that she appreciates the love and support she has earned throughout her tenure and is super excited for whatever lies ahead. While Leonie’s exit from the show has been confirmed, several possibilities for her character still remain.

After the tumultuous time Lucille (Leonie Elliot) and her husband Cyril faced through Season 11, things became more grave. The couple dwindled between the anti-immigrant rhetoric while also coping with Lucille’s miscarriage and their consequent infertility. After Cyril encourages Lucille to go home to spend some time alone, he learns that his wife has actually taken on a Sister’s position at a maternity ward in Jamaica. Despite her relocation to Jamaica, the show takes notice to mention that Lucille’s contract with the maternity ward is only six months long. Naturally, fans have wondered what lies ahead for the character and the actress.

Where is Leonie Elliot Now?

Since making her exit from the show, Leonie has begun exploring the horizons of her abilities. Most recently, she has appeared in a West End stage production of ‘Small Island.’ Based on the novel by Andrea Levy, the National Theatre production closed at the end of May. Besides this, she is also exploring a plethora of opportunities as an ever-evolving actress. Interestingly, Leonie hasn’t completely alleviated her association with ‘Call the Midwife.’ The television personality has seemingly expressed interest in returning to the BBC series and hopes that the viewers would also want to see Lucille’s journey in the Caribbean.

While no news of her character’s return has been confirmed, several speculations have still surfaced, and the actress has reportedly hinted at the same. When asked about whether she’ll return to the show, she commented that the final decision would be up to the producers. However, she has seemingly expressed an interest in returning to the show and resuming Lucille’s journey in Jamaica.

So, even though the actress has said goodbye to the television series, several possibilities of her return still remain. While the actress has yet to reveal any conclusive news on her latest projects, it is apparent that she’s consistently working on something new. Even on the personal front, Leonie is using her time apart from television to travel and explore new places with her family and friends. Naturally, we look forward to all the milestones Leonie Elliot will achieve in the future!

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