What Happens Between Veronica and Reggie? Whose Soul Does the Devil Finally Take?

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Riverdale’ season 6 brings with it a host of paranormal situations and strained relationships. Throughout the 5-episode special event of ‘Rivervale,’ we see Veronica (Camila Mendes) and Reggie (Charles Melton) struggling to see eye to eye. Whilst Veronica uneasily believes that her boyfriend is not trustworthy, Reggie feels unappreciated and insecure.

In the third episode of the season, the Devil himself comes to Rivervale to make matters worse for this casino-owning, luxe-loving couple. As deals are brokered and souls are sold, one realizes how messy their romance really is. So, what happens between Veronica and Reggie? Whose soul is finally sold to the Devil? We’ve got the answers you need, so let’s dive right in!

What Happens Between Veronica and Reggie?

In ‘Riverdale’ season 6 episode 3, Veronica and Reggie invite a bunch of important people to their casino’s soft opening. Lou Cypher, the Devil, shows up as well. After convincing Kevin to sell his soul for fame and happiness, Lou makes his way over to the gambling tables to get Veronica’s attention. When she approaches him, he poses as an investor. However, Veronica shoos him away, unfazed by the realization that he is Lucifer. Before leaving, Lou mentions that he will return to get his due on Saturday at midnight.

A confused Veronica later recounts the incident to Reggie, who immediately claims that Lou is the Devil himself. Reggie sheepishly reveals how he believed Lou was an investor and used his money to finance the casino. Now, with his soul on the line, Reggie begs Veronica to outsmart the Devil. Thus, Veronica decides to invite Nick St. Clair to her casino. Whilst flirting with him, she makes him reveal all of his crimes and sins. Moreover, she even gets him to state that he’ll sell his soul to the Devil for her. Veronica thus successfully provides Lou with Nick’s soul in order to save Reggie’s. However, things are not as straightforward as they seem.

Reggie reveals that it is actually Veronica’s soul on the line as he got her to sign the Devil’s contract by slipping in the document, as well as Lou’s pen, with the casino’s weekly invoices. He claims he did so only because he knows she’ll find a way out. It is obvious that Reggie isn’t very concerned about Veronica as he has his own share of problems and is deeply concerned about the casino’s success. Veronica is understandably furious and asks him to get out. Although Veronica is known to be able to handle the direst of situations, pitting her against the Devil does seem to be a bit much.

Whose Soul Does the Devil Finally Take?

Later, Lou shows up and tells Veronica that she can trade Alice’s soul for her own. Previously, Alice is seen badmouthing Veronica’s casino on live television so one assumes that she wouldn’t mind going after the news reporter. However, Veronica finds herself unable to carry out her revenge plot even though an unsuspecting Alice is willing to sign the documents.

Instead, Veronica comes up with a different plan. After her performance on stage, she reveals to Reggie that she has brokered a new deal with Lou which involves handing over one soul a week for the rest of her life. When Reggie seems delighted, Veronica reveals that the first soul she’ll be selling to the Devil is his. She explains how she had tricked him into signing Lou’s contract when he was busy authorizing the liquor deliveries.

Due to Veronica’s clever plan, the Devil ends up taking Reggie’s soul with him as his signature is on the contract. Veronica watches grimly as hellish fires take Reggie away. Clearly, she does not forgive those who cross her, even if they are her lovers or business partners. She does away with Nick, who had harassed her in the past, and she also gets rids of Reggie, who clearly betrayed her. In the ‘Riverdale’ universe, Veronica also kills her controlling and abusive husband Chad. Thus, Veronica’s way of handling the devilish situation is in line with her past behavior and attitudes.

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