What is Emily Riedel’s Net Worth?

Emily Riedel is part of the crew on Bearing Seas: Gold on The Discovery Channel

Born on July 4, 1988, Emily Riedel is a professional opera singer, television personality, and the captain of the Eroica. From a very young age, she wanted to make a career in the music industry. Emily enrolled at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts and graduated with a degree in Music. She then wanted to pursue a master’s degree, for which Emily decided to take up gold mining just for one summer with the hope that it will help fund her studies in Vienna, Austria. However, she loved the work and later became the first dredge owner and captain.

Emily was in a relationship with her childhood friend, Zeke Tenhoff, who introduced her to the far Northwest. Although initially, the couple had a great understanding between them, the constant disagreements and differences that followed ended up straining their relationship, and the couple decided to part ways. Over the years, Emily has not only established herself as a competent captain and opera singer, but her television appearances have also helped her earn a significant amount of money. But before we delve into that, let’s have a look at her career.

How Did Emily Riedel Make Her Money?

After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Music, Emily started working as a deckhand with a mining outfit. Little did she know that her decision would change her life. The crew was later approached by Discovery Channel’s reality television series, ‘Bering Sea Gold.’ Despite having far less experience, the series offered Emily the same chance for fame as everyone else on the crew. It marked the beginning of her career in the television industry, and a decade later, she continues to be quite active.

Over the years, she has made appearances on reality television shows like ‘Gold Rush: The Dirt’ and ‘Expedition Unknown.’ However, it was ‘Bering Sea Gold’ that made her a household name and helped her garner a significant social media following. As she became famous around the world, Emily featured on numerous well-known talk shows where she openly discussed her life and the challenges she faced. The talk shows where she had appeared so far include ‘Steve Harvey,’ Hallmark’s morning talk show ‘Home & Family,’ the iconic ‘Larry King Now,’ ‘The Jeff Probst Show,’ and ‘The Insider.’

Emily’s regular television appearance made her a celebrity, while in the meantime, her dedication and hard work helped her become the first female dredge owner and captain. Now, with her own ship, the Eroica, Emily ventures out into the far Northwest with an experienced crew to rich mining grounds. Her career as a television personality and captain has helped her earn an impressive fortune, so without further ado, let’s have a look at her net worth.

Emily Riedel’s Net Worth

Emily Riedel’s net worth is estimated to be around $350,000. Since she continues to be active in the television industry and works as the captain of the Eroica, we can expect her overall wealth to increase in the coming years.

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