What is Jessie Graff’s Net Worth?

Jessie Graff is a famous Hollywood stuntwoman and obstacle course runner on TV shows like ‘American Ninja Warrior’ and ‘The Titan Games’. She is also a championship pole vaulter and a competitive gymnast. Jessie Graff makes it look easy as she kicks butts and takes names for a living. But oh no, it’s not easy. The stunts she does, seemingly effortlessly, are extremely tough and not to mention, dangerous. Jessie has, in the course of her impressive career, jumped off a bridge and onto a running train underneath. So no, it’s not easy, her job. But she is damn well good at it.

As a young kid, Jessie showed an inclination in the direction of athletic actions and was taking circus courses by the age of six. Three years later, she took up gymnastics, competing for the subsequent six years – she joined the Frederick Gymnastics Membership and likewise started performing as a trapeze artist. Jessie, a 2002 Urbana High School graduate (an honor student with straight As) and former Maryland state pole vault champion, has gained fame as the first woman ever to complete Stage 1 and Stage 2 on NBC’s ‘American Ninja Warrior’, famously known as the world’s toughest obstacle course. She majored in aerospace engineering at Georgia Tech and theatre at the University of Nebraska, graduating in 2007.

Jessie Graff gained popularity when she commanded nation-wide attention with her time on ‘American Ninja Warrior’. Now, her fans want to know everything about her, from her family life to her net worth. We’re going to give you all the information on her wealth and net worth as of 2020.

How Did Jessie Graff Make Her Money?

Apart from appearing on ‘American Ninja Warrior’, Jessie has also competed on the TV show ‘The Titan Games’, hosted by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. She has also been a participant on ‘Wipeout Season 1’. Aside from her reality TV gigs, Jessie has worked extensively in Hollywood and is quite an accomplished stuntwoman. Her major TV shows and movies include names like ‘X-Men: First Class’, ‘Make It or Break It’, ‘Another Period’, ‘Bridesmaids’, ‘Knight and Day’, ‘Bad Teacher’, ‘John Carter’, ‘Leverage’, ‘Supergirl’, ‘Wonder Woman 1984’, and ‘Sons of Anarchy’. She has been a stunt double for stars like Sophie Turner, Molly Quinn, and Skyler Samuels, among others.

Apart from her work in TV and films, Jessie also has her own line of workout apparel. Most notably, Jessie Graff Apparel sells on a website called NinjaNation. All of these are her primary sources of income.

Jessie Graff Net Worth

Jessie’s net worth as of 2020 is estimated to be close to $2.5 million. With her popularity steadily on the rise, we are sure she will get more and more high profile works and bigger Hollywood offers and all that will only increase her overall net worth in the near future.

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