What is Tony Beets’ Net Worth?

Tony Beets’ gold mining experience and abilities are as legendary on Discovery Channel’s ‘Gold Rush’ as his very colorful language. The old-timer is one of the most famous names in the gold-mining business in Canada, owning two large operations in Klondike and Yukon. But Tony is not strictly Canadian. Born in Wijdenes, Netherlands, Tony grew up milking cows and working on his family’s farm in the Netherlands. He met his wife Minnie in his early twenties and got married within a few years of dating. In 1984, the Beets moved to Canada seeking better work prospects and Tony got a job as a construction worker in Dawson City. After being a machine operator for nearly three years, Tony entered the gold mining game, digging around Dawson City. The rest, as they say, is shiny golden history. Curious to know what his net worth is? We’ve got you covered.

How Did Tony Beets Make His Money?

Tony Beets made the majority of his fortune by successfully mining large quantities of gold for over thirty years. He has two major operations of his own that he runs with the help of his wife and four kids and scores of employees – the Tamarack Mines and Paradise Hills. Tamarack Mines is one of the biggest and most successful gold mining operations in the Klondike region. Tony also owns the Scribner Creek claim which he leases out to Parker Schnabel. Tony has been on the show ‘Gold Rush’ since the second season. Heads of other operations like Parker Schnabel and Todd Hoffman look to Tony for advice whenever they run into tricky situations or roadblocks of any kind. Tony, apart from having a reputation as a boss difficult to work for, is known for his pearls of wisdom regarding the gold mining business that he shares freely. He is old-school and a believer in the classic method of dredging for producing large amounts of gold. Even though he has a helpful larger-than-life personality, Tony has trouble retaining employees. His second major source of income has to be his work in reality TV as the star of ‘Gold Rush’. For each ‘Gold Rush’ episode, Tony gets an estimated $25000.

Tony Beets Net Worth

Tony Beets has an estimated net worth of approximately $15 million, as of 2020. Apart from his gold mining lands in Canada, Tony owns a mansion in Arizona, where the Beets family lives during the off-season.

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