When Will Great Pretender Return to Netflix?

Directed by Hiro Kaburagi and written by Ryota Kosawa, ‘Great Pretender’ chronicles the adventures of an elite group of con artists who travel across the world exclusively scamming corrupted and influential people and then use the money and assets acquired from those jobs to help the victims of their targets. Their leader is Laurent Thierry, a French gentleman thief who never steals from the underserving. The crew also includes Japanese con man Makoto Edamura, the protagonist; Abigail Jones, Laurent’s second-in-command; Cynthia Moore, an expert manipulator and seductress; Kudo, Makoto’s erstwhile boss; and Kim Si Won, a Korean swindler. With the show’s recent international premiere, there is already a lot of buzz about a possible season 2. Well, we might be able to shed some light on that. Read on!

Great Pretender Season 2 Release Date: When Will It Premiere?

‘Great Pretender’ season 1 had its international premiere on August 20, 2020, on Netflix. As the season has 23 episodes in total, the anime became a two-cour anime. The first cour is comprised of the first 14 episodes. They were all released together for the international audience.

However, the show followed a different broadcasting pattern when it was originally airing on Netflix Japan between June 2, 2020, and June 16, 2020. The first cour is divided into three groups of episodes or “cases”. Each week, one group of episodes aired together as a “case”. For instance, episodes 1 to 5 were released together on 2 June under ‘Case 1: Los Angeles Connection’. Case 2 has episodes 6 to 10 blocked together under ‘Singapore Sky’, while the last four episodes are placed together under ‘Case 3: Snow of London’.

‘Case 4: Wizard of Far East’ encompasses the entire second cour, episodes 15 to 23. It is set to premiere on Netflix Japan on September 21, 2020. While there hasn’t been any official announcement about when it will be made available for the international audience, it is safe to assume that the second part of ‘Great Pretender’ Season 1 will return for viewers outside Japan in late 2020.

When two-cour anime has such broadcasting breaks lasting for a few months, it also becomes known as a split-cour anime. Now, in the past, some shows have released anime cours as separate seasons. It is quite possible that Netflix will also do that with Great Predenter. If that happens then ‘Great Pretender’ Season 2 will most likely be released in early 2021.

Great Pretender Season 2 Cast: Who Is in It?

Makoto is voiced by Chiaki Kobayashi in Japanese and Alan Lee in English. Laurent’s Japanese and English voice actors are Junichi Suwabe and Aaron Phillips, respectively. Natsumi Fujiwara (Japanese) and Kausar Mohammed (English) lend their voices to Abigail. Cynthia is voiced by Mie Sonozaki (Japanese) and Laura Post (English). Yōhei Tadano (Japanese) and Mike Pollock (English) provide the voice for Kudo, whereas Kim Si Won is voiced by Kujira (Japanese) and Karen Huie (English).
All members of the main cast are set to return for the second part of ‘Great Pretender’ season 1. When the second season does get made, they will likely return for it as well.

Great Pretender Season 2 Plot: What can it be about?

The first part of ‘Great Pretender’ Season 1 concludes on an uplifting note. Our beloved group of conmen and women successfully scam art appraiser James Coleman, who played an active role in the downfall of Cynthia’s former lover, aspiring artist Thomas Meyer, by forcing him to create art forgeries. Cynthia meets Thomas for one last time and finally gets the closure that she has been seeking. Makoto loses his regular job at the Japanese restaurant in Nice after they start serving Thai cuisine.

Netflix Japan has released some screenshots from the upcoming episodes which indicate that ‘Case 4: Wizard of Far East’ is set in some Japanese city, most likely Tokyo. Expect the animators to make full use of the new location to create a vivid backdrop as they have previously done. A mysterious woman in kimono can be seen in these screenshots. Seeing how people are bowing to her, she is likely an influential and powerful member of the society, maybe even the antagonist.

In ‘Great Pretender’ Season 2, the team will probably travel to some exotic location for their next score, perhaps even South America or Africa. Makoto will likely continue searching for a normal job. As it has been hinted multiple times in season 1, the writers are probably considering a romance between him and Abigail. Look out for that one!

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