Where Are Catherine and Taylor Jarvis Now?

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Charles “Chase” Merritt was arrested in 2014 for the murders of the McStay family that went missing in February 2010. Investigation Discovery’s docuseries’ Two Shallow Graves’ delves into the case and examines the evidence in addition to the prosecution and defense’s arguments. The show also features interviews with Chase’s former girlfriend, Catherine Jarvis, and their daughter, Sara Taylor Jarvis. So, let’s find out more about the women who have always believed in Chase’s innocence, then, shall we?

Who Are Catherine and Taylor Jarvis Now?

Catherine and Chase were together for more than 15 years and had three children together. She said that Chase was never violent and could never imagine him killing someone. At his trial, Catherine testified regarding the terracotta business they had that grew by 2002. The authorities stated that Chase was a gambling addict who stole money from Joseph’s company, wherein he was a business partner.

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Catherine testified that she handled the majority of the finances when it came to the household and one of Chase’s earlier businesses. She added that her former partner wasn’t too keen on bookkeeping and said, “He was very artistic, very creative, he could build anything, and he was a hard worker, and that’s what he spent most of his time doing.” Catherine also corroborated Chase’s version of events, saying he met Joseph in the afternoon on the day the family went missing.

Catherine also said that Joseph called Chase sometime after 8 pm on the same evening, a call which Chase didn’t answer. As for Taylor, she was 24 at the time of her testimony in 2019. The young woman recounted being around 11-years-old when her father and Joseph began to work together, saying he was her father’s best friend. Taylor also remembered an argument between Catherine and Chase on February 4 after he didn’t answer a call from Joseph.

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Taylor testified this happened at their home in Rancho Cucamonga, California, where they were living at the time. According to her, when Chase called Joseph back, he didn’t answer. She added, “It turned into less of an argument and more of — the next day my dad couldn’t get ahold of Joseph, and in the subsequent days, the conversation turned more to my mom saying, ‘now you can’t get ahold of Joseph.’ And as time went on, it became, ‘what if that was an emergency call or a call for help?'”

Where Are Catherine and Taylor Jarvis Now?

Taylor also testified that her father was a good poker player who often entered tournaments to make some money. But in an interview in 2014, she said that Chase was irresponsible with money. Nevertheless, Catherine and Taylor maintained that Chase was at home on the evening of February 4, 2010. Furthermore, Taylor said she had no reason to lie for him. But the jury found him guilty of the four murders, resulting in a death sentence.

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Even after the sentencing, the mother and daughter believed in Chase’s innocence, with Taylor saying, “We’re ready to keep fighting. We’re going to stay behind him.” She initially wanted to pursue a career in forensic science, but on the show, she talked of switching to a career in law after seeing what happened to her father. Taylor now lives in Los Angeles, California, and in May 2022, she graduated with a Juris Doctor degree. As for her mother, she isn’t with Chase anymore. Catherine is now married to Larry Brewer and lives in California.

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