Katie Benson and Nick Hydukovich: Where Are Joshua Guimond’s Friends Now?

Netflix’s ‘Unsolved Mysteries: What Happened to Josh?’ delves into the tragic case of 20-year-old Joshua Guimond. One night in November 2002, the junior was at a friend’s place for a poker night. However, he suddenly disappeared around midnight, will nobody having any idea what had happened to him. On the show, two of Joshua’s friends, Katie Benson and Nick Hydukovich, talk about their experience dealing with everything that transpired. 

Who Are Katie Benson and Nick Hydukovich?

Katie Benson and Joshua Guimond grew up together and attended the same high school. They began dating during their sophomore year and ultimately went to prom together. She described him as a handsome guy with a great sense of humor. After high school, the two went to colleges close to each other and were part of the same campus, leading them to take some of the same classes and continue their relationship.

Nick Hydukovich and Joshua had joined the mock trial team during the former’s sophomore year and eventually became co-captains. The two got along well quickly once they realized they had much in common. Nick and Joshua were roommates around the time the latter disappeared, with Joshua being one year behind. On the show, Nick stated that he and Joshua had brunch on November 9, 2002, and he last saw his roommate at around 6:30 pm. That evening, Joshua was heading out to a friend’s place to play poker while Nick went to Katie’s place to hang out.

Joshua wasn’t in his room when Nick returned sometime after 2 am. He got worried when his friend still wasn’t there the following day. On November 10, Joshua was reported missing because nobody had seen him after the previous night. But as the days turned into months, the search for him yielded no leads. Katie stated she felt helpless over time because there were no more search activities for her friend. During the investigation, the authorities also looked at Nick. As per the show, a roommate stated he heard Nick and Joshua arguing sometime before the disappearance, allegedly regarding Katie.

Katie mentioned on the show that she and Joshua dated for about four and a half years and then broke up a couple of months before he vanished. While she and Nick considered the possibility of a relationship, they eventually decided against it. However, what interested the police was the difference in both their statements. As per the show, Nick said he left Katie’s home at around 2:30 am on November 10, and his keycard was used at 2:42 am. However, Katie mentioned that Nick left around 1 am or 1:30 am. Since the drive was only about 7-10 minutes, the authorities believed there was time unaccounted for.

Katie Benson Leads a Quiet Life, While Nick Hydukovich is Working as an Attorney

Nick Hydukovich stated on the show that he was never told about being considered a person of interest. He ultimately decided against taking a lie detector test because he was scared of a false positive showing up and pivoting the investigation in the wrong direction. Katie also stated that she never believed Nick had anything to do with it.

Since then, it appears that Katie Benson has maintained a low profile, with her last known location being Minnesota. As for Nick, he went on to pursue law at the University of Minnesota and currently works as the Assistant County Attorney II for Chisago County, Minnesota. Nick was engaged to a woman named Dawn in 2008, but his present relationship status is unclear.

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