Ronnie Welborn and Kadie Robinson: Where Are the Killers Now?

When Ronnie Welborn and Tiffany Welborn decided to get a divorce, the former got into a relationship with his ex-wife’s high school friend, Kelli Underwood. Shortly after, he fell in love with Kadie Robinson, and she even became pregnant with his baby. Yet, once she discovered that her boyfriend was still in touch with Kelli, she devised a sinister plan that spelled doom for everyone involved. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Mean Girl Murders: Desperate Texas Housewives’ chronicles how Kelli was found murdered inside her house and even follows the investigation that led straight to the perpetrators. Let’s delve into the details surrounding the crime and find out where Ronnie and Kadie are at present, shall we?

Who Are Ronnie Welborn and Kadie Robinson?

Incidentally, Tiffany Welborn was the one who invited her high school friend, Kelli Underwood, to live with her and her husband, Ronnie, in Princeton, Texas. At the same time, the latter rose to the occasion and offered the single mother a job in his metal fabrication business. Naturally, the job made Ronnie and Kelli spend a lot of time together, and they soon began an affair, much to Tiffany’s dismay. Moreover, the relationship continued even after the Texas native filed for divorce, and sources claim that the pair lived together for quite some time.

Kadie Robinson

As fate would have it, Ronnie soon fell in love with a younger woman named Kadie Robinson, and the two embarked on a whirlwind relationship. She eventually got pregnant with his child, and the couple began living together. By this time, Kelli knew that her relationship with Ronnie was over, and she was content with living independently. However, Kadie could not accept her boyfriend still being friends with his ex and wanted the mother of three out of their lives. Hence, she kept nagging Ronnie, asking him to do away with Kelli for good.

Exasperated with Kadie’s demands, Ronnie eventually contacted Robert Veal and Delvin Powell, who agreed to murder Kelli in exchange for $8000 in cash. Besides, he even supplied the firearm for the job, and the assassins laid out a sinister plan for the murder. Subsequently, Robert and Delvin broke into Kelli’s house between the night of September 16 and the morning of September 17, 2017, before stabbing and shooting her to death. They quickly escaped, but the neighbors had already spotted the two men loitering about the house.

Once Kelli’s daughter, Kayden, discovered her mother’s deceased body on September 20, neighbors mentioned that the victim was last seen in the company of two suspicious individuals. Eyewitnesses also gave the authorities proper descriptions of the suspects, and detectives could soon apprehend Robert and Delvin. However, the two initially denied any involvement and insisted that Kelli was alive when they left her house. Yet, forensic evidence soon proved otherwise, as Robert and Delvin’s DNA was found at the crime scene.

Additionally, Robert’s phone records showed he was constantly in touch with Kadie Robinson, which increased suspicions. But when questioned for a second time, she insisted that he had planned the entire murder and she was not involved in the crime. This statement appeared untrustworthy, and once the police obtained Kadie’s phone records, they managed to grasp the whole picture. The phone records showed that she was the one who initiated the murder plan. Consequently, all four suspects were arrested and charged with the crime.

Ronnie Welborn and Kadie Robinson Are Behind Bars Today

Ronnie Welborn

When Robert and Delvin were produced in court, they pled not guilty, but the jury decided otherwise. Accordingly, the duo was convicted of capital murder and sentenced to life without parole in 2020. On the other hand, Ronnie and Kadie decided that copping a plea deal would be the best course of action. Thus, they both pled guilty to murder.

Ronnie was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole, while the judge handed Kadie a 30-year prison sentence. The former remains behind bars at the Jim Ferguson Unit in unincorporated Madison County, Texas, and Kadie is incarcerated at the TDCJ Christina Melton Crain Unit in Gatesville, Texas. Readers should note that while Ronnie will be eligible for parole in 2047, Kadie will have her first parole hearing in 2032.

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