Where are The Basketball Wives Now?

Image Credits: @BasketballWives, Twitter

Basketball Wives‘ is a reality TV show from VH1, that explores the lives of those who are or have been, romantically involved with NBA players. The word ‘wives’ has definitely been used in a relaxed manner, and not all contestants on the show have tied the knot. It is an umbrella term used for all those committed relationships where the couple has not felt the need to get married. It definitely sounds like an interesting premise, and fans keep coming back for more. The show currently has 8 seasons, and today, we shall be seeing what the cast members are up to now.

Royce Reed

Royce Reed was involved with Laker’s player Dwight Howard, and even has a kid with him. She exited the show in season 4, and since then, has been busy raising her son Braylon. She also owns the non-profit team Fantashique Dance Company. 


Suzie Ketcham

Michael Olowokondi and Suzie Ketcham met in college at Pepperdine University, and since then, have shared 2 children, before splitting after 10 years. She now lives in Miami with her children but is out of the media spotlight now. Hence, there were no reliable sources to confirm her current projects.


Gloria Govan

Gloria Govan is happily engaged to former NBA player Derek Fisher. She is a mother to two children with her former partner, Matt Barnes. According to her Instagram bio, she is also a philanthropist and an author.


Jennifer Williams

After her very public divorce from Eric Williams, Jennifer Williams bounced back and founded her own venture called ‘Classy Girl Wardrobe.’ However, she was accused of dating her friend’s ex, Rick Ross, the rapper. She has denied the allegations.


Evelyn Lozada 

Antione Walker and Evelyn Lozada dated for a decade. After the split, she has gone on to author several books, and her latest book is also ready to be released. Co-written with Holly Lorincz, it is called ‘The Wrong Mr. Darcy.’


Shaunie O’Neal

Shaunie O’Neal is perhaps the most famous cast member from the show, and also it’s executive producer. She was married to Shaquille O’Neal and has 4 children with him as well. She is also involved with another reality show called ‘Shaunie’s Home Court.’ According to her Instagram bio, she is also an entrepreneur. 


Tami Roman

After a 7-year marriage with former NBA player Kenny Anderson, the couple decided to divorce. Since then, Tami got remarried to Reggie Youngblood. She has also apparently received a gig hosting another show for VH1, and it is centered around catching cheaters. 


Meeka Claxton

When Meeka joined the show, she was a luxury real estate agent and also married to NBA star Speedy Claxton. Their divorce was finalized in 2017, and since then, she is running two lifestyle magazines— Pynk Magazine and Elite Magazine.


Kesha Nichols

Kesha Nichols was Richard Jefferson’s ex-fiance. After the split, she has focused on her dance company called ‘Sugar & Spice Productions.’


Kenya Bell

Charlie Bell’s former spouse, Kenya Bell, has definitely made some strides in her personal life. She is now remarried and has had twins, Kennedy and James, in 2018. She has kept her relationship out of the limelight. According to her Instagram bio, she also has an MBA.


Tasha Marbury 

Tasha is married to Stephon Marbury, and the couple not only has 2 children together, but she is also a step-mother. However, after the show, she has become quite a private person. 


Jackie Christie 

The longtime cast member of the show is certainly busy doing it all. Not only is Jackie married to retired LA Clippers member Doug Christie, but she is also busy with the ‘2nd Chance’ talk show (on Fox), and a podcast called ‘The Jackie Christie Project.’


Malaysia Pargo

Malaysia Pargo was married to her ex-husband Jannero Pargo for eight years. They have 3 children together too. She is quite active on social media.


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