Where Are The Voice Winners Now?

‘The Voice’ has been dominating our reality TV screens for almost a whole decade now, ever since its inception in 2011. The concept is so unbiased and inclusive that it’s sure to win hearts, even of the first-time watchers. And of course, ‘The Voice’ performers have always been top-notch, brimming with musical talent that deserves a grand stage and an even grander audience. But ultimately, it’s a competition, and there can only be one winner in each season. So far, there have been 18 seasons of ‘The Voice US.’ Curious to know where those 18 winners are today? Let’s find out!

Javier Colon – Season 1

Javier was already a recorded artist when he auditioned for ‘The Voice’ in 2011. He had launched two albums prior to his stint on the reality TV stage. After he won ‘The Voice’ season 1, Javier released an album (‘Come Through For You’) with Universal Republic Records. Due to discord, he left the label and joined Concord Records in 2014, who then released his fourth album ‘Gravity’ in 2016. As of 2020, Javier has been performing virtual coffeehouse concerts (including one for Lafayette College) over Zoom.


Jermaine Paul – Season 2

Jermaine Paul got nominated for the Grammy Award for Best R&B Performance even before his big win in ‘The Voice’ season 2. He had already been performing with big names like Alicia Keys and Mary J. Blige before his blind audition for ‘The Voice.’ Now, he runs his own company JP Entertainment and lives with his wife and four kids, still making great music. He came out with Volume 1 of ‘For The Record’ in 2019, and Volume 2 of the album was released in July 2020.


Cassadee Pope – Season 3

Since winning the third season of ‘The Voice,’ Cassadee Pope has released multiple singles and one album between 2013 and 2016. In 2018, she released her first single in nearly two years (‘Take You Home’), followed by her second single in the same year, called ‘One More Red Light.’ In February 2019, Cassadee came out with her second full-length studio album titled ‘Stages.’ Most recently, in 2020, Cassadee has released her new album ‘Rise and Shine.’


Danielle Bradbery – Season 4

At age 16 or 17, Danielle Bradbery became the youngest person to win ‘The Voice’ in 2013. Since then, she has kept making music and performing on live tours nation-wide. In 2017, Danielle released her second album, ‘I Don’t Believe We’ve Met.’ In 2020, she came out with two new singles – ‘Never Have I Ever’ and ‘Girls In My Hometown.’ She is currently dating skater-boy Bennet Jonas.


Tessanne Chin – Season 5

After her win on ‘The Voice,’ Jamaican recording artist Tessanne Chin performed at the 42nd Daytime Emmy Awards in 2015. In 2019, she tied the knot with Brandon Crooks and later gave birth to a beautiful baby girl they named Zaia Christine Crooks. Although she does online talk shows here and there, Tessanne hasn’t come out with any new music for quite some time now.


Josh Kaufman – Season 6

Soul singer Josh Kaufman found success on Broadway after winning Season 6 of ‘The Voice.’ He performed on the show ‘Home For the Holidays, Live on Broadway’ in 2017. Now, he lives with his wife Jennifer Myer and five kids in Carmel, Indiana, and performs with the band ‘The New Etiquette.’ He also performs solo at live shows and virtual concerts, and more recently, has started teaching music lessons.


Craig Wayne Boyd – Season 7

Originally from Dallas, Texas, Craig Wayne Boyd settled in Nashville, Tennessee, to pursue his great love for country music. His last solo album ‘Top Shelf’ was released in 2017. Since then, he has joined a country band called ‘Texas Hill,’ and they have recently released an album in September 2020. Craig likes to describe himself as a part-time singer and a full-time dad (he has three kids).


Sawyer Fredericks – Season 8

Sawyer was only 16 years old when he got crowned the winner of ‘The Voice Season 8’. Since 2017, Sawyer has been an independent musician (after his departure from Republic Records and Mick Management). He is famous for performing for and donating to various charitable causes. In 2018, Sawyer came out with his independently produced album ‘Hide Your Ghost.’ More recently, he has been touring nation-wide, previously in person and right now virtually. His second independent album ‘Flowers For You’ released in 2020.


Jordan Smith – Season 9

Jordan Smith made waves when he was named the best-selling artist in the history of ‘The Voice.’ He has released three studio albums so far, and the latest ‘Only Love’ came out in August 2018. Jordan married his girlfriend Kristen in 2016, and they seem to live together quite happily in Middlesboro, Kentucky, with two dogs. His latest single ‘Angels We Have Heard’ came out in October 2020.


Alisan Porter – Season 10

Alison Porter was a TV and film actress long before she even participated in ‘The Voice.’ Her breakout role was the title character in 1991 classic ‘Curly Sue’ which also starred Jim Belushi. After she won ‘The Voice’ season 10, Alisan headed out to try her luck (and considerable talent) on Broadway. Eventually, she ended up forming her band, The Alisan Porter Project.’ Currently, she lives in California with her two kids and two dogs. Alisan released her latest album ‘Pink Cloud’ in September 2019, and she just came out with another new single ‘Lungs’ in October 2020.


Jason “Sundance” Head – Season 11

When Sundance Head won ‘The Voice’ in 2016, he was awarded a record contract with Republic Records out of New York City, but his record got shelved because, apparently, they could not find a country music partner. In 2018, he signed on with Wildcatter Records and came out with an album in 2019 – ‘Stained Glass & Neon.’ Currently, he performs live events country-wide.


Chris Blue – Season 12

Chris Blue has released four singles since his win on ‘The Voice’ in 2017. He released his debut EP ‘Fresh Start’ in September 2019. He is not very active on social media. Therefore, it isn’t easy to get information on his current goings-on. But in an April 2020 interview, Chris claimed that he is taking this time at home (because of the pandemic) to work on new music for another album.


Chloe Kohanski – Season 13

Chloe Kohanski. or chloe mk (her stage name), was the last woman standing in season 13 of ‘The Voice.’ Since her win, she has released three successful singles. The New York-based singer/songwriter has been working on a new unnamed album for months and in the process, has taught herself how to play guitar. We hope to listen to her album soon.


Brynn Cartelli – Season 14

When she was just 15, Brynn Cartelli won her record deal with Republic Records on ‘The Voice’ in 2018. She ditched the deal with the label before the year was out and signed on Atlantic Records for her debut album, which she is still working on. So far, Brynn has released four singles. Being only 17-years-old (so far the youngest winner), Brynn currently spends her time getting through high school.


Chevel Shephard – Season 15

Chevel won ‘The Voice’ two years ago at age 16. Since 2018, she has released four singles and has been the opening act for Maroon 5 on their 2019 tour. A country singer in Nashville, this fresh-faced young woman graduated high school in May 2020. So far, she has been doing a lot of live stage shows but no word on when her debut album will be releasing.


Maelyn Jarmon – Season 16

She has only 80% hearing ability in her left ear and none in her right, ever since a medical procedure damaged her eardrums when she was a young girl. But that did not stop Maelyn Jarmon from showcasing her phenomenal singing talent on ‘The Voice’ and winning first place. In September 2019, she was the opening act for One Republic and The Fray, and since then, Maelyn has been doing a lot of live performances on tours (pre-COVID, of course). Currently, she lives with her fiance, musician Johnny Murrell, and their adopted pooch Wilco Willy. Her debut album is still in the works.


Jake Hoot – Season 17

Jake Hoot won ‘The Voice’ season 17 in December 2019. For a few months after, till at least the coronavirus lockdown shut everything down, Jake kept his day job from before he became a household name. He used to work as a sales executive for radio stations. He has released a couple of singles in early 2020. Now, he is working on new music and his debut album. Most recently, Jake proposed to his girlfriend of 7 years, and they got engaged in September 2020. Currently, Jake is also pretty occupied with wedding planning with fiance Brittney Nicole Hoyt. He also has a 5-year-old daughter from a previous marriage.


Todd Tilghman – Season 18

Pastor Todd Tilghman, at age 42, is currently the oldest person to win ‘The Voice.’ He is married to his high school sweetheart and lives in Meridian, Mississippi, along with his wife and eight kids. Winning amid a pandemic, Todd has not performed live much anywhere, but he does have gigs lined up. He still gives sermons at the church. Todd is currently working on new music for his debut album and also simultaneously writing a book in collaboration with his wife.


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