Where Are Travis Zimmerman, Marcus Thunder, Melinda and Blair Gopher Now?

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‘Who Do You Believe’ is an interesting TV show which narrates a true-crime incident from dual perspectives. Moreover, the dual narrative is presented by the people directly involved in the incident, thus helping viewers become the ultimate judges of right or wrong. Episode 6 of ‘Who Do You Believe’ titled ‘Legacy & Lies’ talks about a  priceless Native American heirloom and the inheritance war that followed after its keeper passed away without naming an heir.

Throughout the episode, we are introduced to Travis Zimmerman, Marcus Red Thunder, and siblings Melinda and Blair Gopher, who present their personal points of view on the matter. Let’s delve into some of the details surrounding the case and find out where the people involved are at present, shall we?

Who Are Travis Zimmerman, Marcus Red Thunder, and Melinda and Blair Gopher?

Travis Zimmerman is an esteemed historian who earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Government from St. John’s University, Minnesota, in 1994. In 1997 he became the Executive Director of the Girls and Boys Club in Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe before taking on as the Program Manager for American Indian OIC in 2000. Finally, in November of 2006, Travis joined the Minnesota Historical society as a Program Coordinator for the Indian Advisory Committee and used his tenacity to climb to the top.

Image Credit: Rebecca Saap/ABC

On the other hand, Marcus Red Thunder was brought up on a Cheyenne reservation in Montana and has since become an active Native American activist. According to reports, Marcus has years of experience in Native wellness and is quite adept at experimental education, youth leadership, and training under various circumstances, which helped him become a consultant and trainer with the Oregon-based Native Wellness Institute. Additionally, he has worked as a documentary filmmaker and given motivational speeches across the country.

However, Melinda and Blair Gopher’s connection to the case is quite interesting as their family currently possesses the 13-star Ojibwe Peace Flag, which set off the whole inheritance war. According to the show, Melinda and Blair’s grandfather, Jim Gopher, got the flag from his uncle, who first brought it to the Rocky Boy Indian Reservation in 1933. Since then, the heirloom was transferred to Jim’s wife, Mary Chippewa Gopher, who later gifted it to her son, Robert Gopher.

Interestingly, in his will, Robert gave the flag to his wife, Dorothy Gopher, but she passed away on October 2, 2008, without specifying an heir. Thus, since then, her children have been involved in an inheritance war, and although Melinda and Blair tried to bring the matter under the jurisdiction of the Blackfeet Tribal Court, they were unsuccessful in doing so.

Where Is Travis Zimmerman Now?

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After entering the Minnesota Historical Society as a Program Coordinator for the Indian Advisory Committee, Travis worked his way up the ranks and became an Indian Affairs Liaison for the Mille Lacs Indian Reservation in 2008. Currently, he works as the Site Manager for the Mille Lacs Indian Reservation and is based out of Onamia in Mille Lacs County, Minnesota. Additionally, he is also quite experienced in working for non-profits and is presently considered an expert on Ojibwe history and culture.

Where Is Marcus Red Thunder Now?

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Marcus Thunder is an integral part of the Native Wellness Institute, where he works as a trainer and consultant. Apart from being an expert on native wellness, Marcus has also involved himself in cultural, social, and ceremonial activities, which helps him stay true to his roots. Additionally, the father of three has also worked as a powwow announcer and currently lives in the city of Billings in Montana with his loving family.

Where Is Melinda and Blair Gopher Now?

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Melinda Gopher is a politician-activist who helped co-establish the non-profit Loud Thunder Inc. Through the non-profit, she tries to bring Native Americans to the forefront in various fields, including media and politics. Besides, she also advocates actively for all Native Americans and has attempted to make a difference by running for Congress.

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On the other hand, her brother, Blair Gopher, prefers to stay below the radar and has quite a limited presence on social media. Nevertheless, from the looks of it, Both Blair and Melinda have built up a life surrounded by loved ones and currently reside in the city of Missoula in Montana.

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