Where Are Woodstock ’99’s Colin Speir and Lee Rosenblatt Now?

In 1999, the co-founder of Woodstock, Michael Lang, decided to revive the music festival in hopes of recapturing the aura of the first one in 1969. But the three-day festival quickly descended into chaos, with the attendees looting and vandalizing the area. Netflix’s ‘Trainwreck: Woodstock ’99’ is a three-part documentary series that features interviews with the people who worked to set up the festival. Colin Speir and Lee Rosenblatt, who were part of the organizing team, recounted what they experienced at the time. So, let’s find out more about the two then, shall we?

Who Are Colin Speir and Lee Rosenblatt?

Colin and Lee were both in their 20s when the work to set up Woodstock began. While Colin was part of the production team, Lee was the assistant site manager. They were initially elated to be part of the team. Colin was excited about working with Michael, while Lee thought they were going to work with a large budget and the best people in the field. However, it didn’t take long for them to realize that wasn’t the case.

Lee Rosenblatt

On the show, Colin talked about realizing how the organizing team was purportedly looking to save money by cutting corners. They stated that they were told that it was ultimately a money-making venture, and Lee realized that it stopped being about the concert-going experience. Woodstock then became about making money and cutting budgets. Lee mentioned that the food rights were sold, so the team had no control over the pricing, leading to price gouging.

By the second day, Colin began hearing about infrastructure breaking down and the deplorable condition of the portable toilets. Since the sanitation and the sewage departments reportedly had budget cuts too, they were contracted out, and according to Lee, the subcontractors didn’t do a good enough job. The show’s disorganized nature kept hurting the viewing experience, and the team had one last surprise in store.

Colin Speir

On the show, Lee recalled hearing on the radio about having a candlelight vigil towards the end of the final act on the last day. He immediately relayed that the fire marshall had not approved such a thing. However, according to Lee, John Scher, the promoter, asked him to stop talking and get off the radio channel. The vigil turned out to be a bad idea because concert-goers set fires all over the place once the show ended, putting everyone in danger.

Where Are Colin Speir and Lee Rosenblatt Today?

Eventually, the looting died down, and the organizing team breathed a sigh of relief. On the show, Colin Speir stated that Michael never addressed the group or checked on their well-being, giving the sense that he didn’t care. The following day, he said they had to sign NDAs, preventing them from speaking to the media. Colin has moved on with his life since then, and the New York native currently lives in Vancouver, Canada. He is married to Michelle Thorne, and they welcomed a baby in 2021.

Lee Rosenblatt founded Preferred Touring Solutions, a touring and travel company that supports musicians, Fortune 500 CEOs, and even high-ranking diplomats. His experience aided him in joining the advisory board of a ‘problem-solving’ firm in Washington DC. Later, Lee also started Lee Rosenblatt Advisory. He prides himself on solving complex problems using a unique approach. Lee’s last known location remains in Pennsylvania, and he strongly believes in promoting love, peace, and God.

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