Where Was 1BR Filmed?

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1BR’ is a horror film that tells the story of a woman, Sarah, after she shifts to a new city to get a fresh start. She finds an apartment complex that she thinks is quite suited for her, even though they have strict rules. Initially, it seems as though she has made the right decision, especially when she sees how warm and welcoming the people in the area are. However, Sarah soon faces horrible consequences for breaking some rules, and it turns out that her neighbors aren’t necessarily who they appear to be. 

1BR Filming Locations

The protagonist moves away from her overbearing father to the City of Angels, and consequently, the movie was also shot in Los Angeles, California.

Los Angeles, California 

The film had its fair share of challenges even before the shoot commenced. Alok Mishra, the producer, said that their office was affected by the Skirball Fire. That office, situated in the Valley, was then off-limits and the production team moved over to his house intermittently. In a tweet, he said that he lived 2 miles away from the complex that was used in the movie.

The apartment complex used in filming (named Aliso Del Mar in the movie) is also located in the Valley. In an interview, Alok Mishra also said that although shooting in an apartment complex was quite tough, they achieved the desired result. He explained further, “The trials and tribulations of working in an apartment complex are obviously tough, but we were able to get what we needed. The one problem, I would say, was that the complex was very big; there were like two courtyards, so if we wanted to go to one side to shoot something, it was like, 15 minutes and 40 people having to move everything over to this corner.” He also said that the apartment complex was as much a character in the film as any of the scripted ones. Its precise location, however, is not verifiable.

While the apartment complex was used for its exterior, the rooms were built on just one set. It was the production team that went in and redressed that same set every time a new outlay was needed. David Mormor, the film’s writer and director, also said, “Our production designer, Ricardo Jattan, designed this ingenious apartment set we were able to re-dress to transform it into all four apartments we see in the movie. He and his team were amazing, often working overnight to change the set over so we could keep shooting every morning.”

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