Where is Alvan Chow Now? How Much Money Did He Make in GameStop Stock?

After Ryan Cohen, a successful entrepreneur, bought a stake in GameStop, investor Alvan Chow decided to look into it. The young man then decided to buy up GameStop stocks, which quickly paid dividends, netting him a lot of money. On Netflix’s ‘Eat the Rich: The GameStop Saga,’ Alvan talks about how he came to that conclusion and discussed his post on a Reddit forum for investments. So, if you’re curious to find out more about him, here’s what we know.

Alvan Chow: GameStop Trader

On the show, Alvan Chow stated that his parents are from China, with his mom hailing from Beijing and his father from Hong Kong. He didn’t have any background in investment, nor did he have a financial degree. However, Alvan was interested in studying the market and making money through smart investments. Despite applying to several hedge funds for an opportunity, he never heard back.

Alvan, thus, decided to do the work himself and get on the map on his own. On the docuseries, he stated that a lot of investment picks wouldn’t turn out well, but the key was to pick something that has been ignored by the others. GameStop was precisely the kind of company Alvan was looking for. At the time, he researched Ryan’s previous investments and noted that GameStop’s value went up by about 30% after he invested in the company.

Alvan remembered being shocked because he believed GameStop was a dying company at the time. However, he thought that Ryan could be the person to turn the company around. So, in October 2020, after a lot of research, Alvan posted on WallStreetBets on Reddit regarding how GameStop’s share price would increase in the future. At the time, not many believed Alvan’s thesis, but he knew that his research was correct.

Alvan Chow Works at Fortis Games Today

At the time, Alvan Chow bought GameStop shares at around $6 to $8 per share. He spent about $30,000 on it and eventually made $8 million. Ultimately, Alvan’s prediction was right. Since then, he has continued trading. But before that, Alvan worked for companies like Oracle Telecom and Google, taking up roles that dealt with business development and data analysis. Currently, Alvan works at Fortis Games; he’s been employed there for about nine months.

Apart from that, Alvan is a self-employed trader. Furthermore, a post on Reddit about three months ago suggested that his investment worth was up by over $600,000. Alvan seems to live in California but recently traveled to Miami, Florida, to attend the All In Summit. When he’s not traveling, he cares for his two pet cats and spends time with his friends.

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