Where is Ashley B From My 600-lb Life Now?

Losing weight can be tough. After all, once you gain those extra pounds, it takes a lot of discipline and determination to shed them. Nobody knows this better than the people on ‘My 600-lb Life‘, where they have to lose weight or face nearly fatal consequences of morbid obesity.

Over the seasons, we have seen some inspiring tales documenting struggles, and in certain cases, we have seen the people tragically pass away. Most recently, we have been introduced to Ashley B, who has had her own incredible journey. Curious to know more about her, and where she is currently? We have got you covered in that regard.

Who is Ashley B and What’s Her Story?

Ashley B or Ashley Bernard is from Carencro, Louisiana. She studied at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. The mother of two has had it rough growing up. As I always say, we often look at the end product of compulsive or unhealthy eating habits, which makes us dangerously overweight. Very rarely do we examine the causes which drive these habits.

In Ashley’s case, we understand that she was traumatized and sexually assaulted as a child. As a result, she started putting on weight, as an unconscious defense mechanism, which would make her look less appealing, and save her from future attacks.

However, by the time she decides to go to Dr. Now in Houston, she tips the scale at 637 lbs. The 31-year-old is of the belief that stress is a barrier to losing weight. However, she also feels trapped in her own body, and dependent on her family, who have to help her move about. We see Ashley’s sister helping her, and even her shoes need to be removed from her aching feet.

Staring down at an array of health problems, like diabetes, some forms of cancer, and even a cardiac episode, Ashley has no option but to lose weight. You can check out an earlier picture of Ashley, here.

Where is Ashley B Now?

Ever since Ashley embarked on her journey, she has been motivated to maintain a diet and lose weight. Primarily, it is her children who serve as an inspiration and motivation to lead a healthier lifestyle. Initially, Dr. Now had suggested a 1200 calorie diet, along with some exercises, to help Ashley lose weight, and become eligible for the weight-loss operation.

She did slip up a few times, due to IBS and other issues. Months into her journey, she brought it down to 468 lbs, but soon gained 34 lbs due to stress. The next weigh-in saw her at 504 lbs. Ultimately, in her journey, we learn that she has lost a total of 135 lbs.

We see Dr. Now advising that she lose 80 lbs in 2 months, to be eligible for surgery. Although the episode does not show her journey beyond that, we know that she hit the gym, and lost more weight, entering the 400 lbs category. This prompted Dr. Now to take her seriously and greenlight the surgery.

Apart from working out, Ashley has also undergone counseling for her abuse issues, and the heaviness of the past. However, the weight loss journey has required a lot of determination, as expected. She opened up about how her mother’s cooking would want to make her relapse, and go back to old eating habits. In such cases, she’d call her friend Tomorrow, who’d show up with healthy food.

After all, weight loss is a long and arduous journey where we need the support of our friends and family. Ashley B has been lucky to have these support systems, but she deserves all the credit for meeting her weight goals. We can see from her Facebook posts that she has gained much more confidence and appears to have taken up shooting as well, which probably makes her feel more emancipated. You can check out a recent picture, below.

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