Where is Blue Bloods Filmed?

‘Blue Bloods’ is a police procedural drama series by CBS that combines crime fiction and family drama exceedingly well. It focuses on the personal conflicts of each of the characters as well as the crime drama equally, making it one of the most realistic shows about law enforcement. However, that is not the only reason that the show feels realistic.

‘Blue Bloods’ is set in New York and its setting feels extremely authentic, adding to the show’s realistic nature. The show revolves around an Irish Catholic family of cops, the Reagans who live in New York City. Each of the family members depict varying aspects of law enforcement and police work, thereby giving viewers a sort of bird’s eye view.

‘Blue Bloods’ Filming Locations:

As mentioned earlier, ‘Blue Bloods’ is almost entirely set in New York City. One of the hallmarks of the series is its authenticity in depicting the Big Apple. Now, many of you might be wondering where the show is actually filmed and how it manages to nail that NYC aesthetic.

Is it filmed elsewhere or in a studio like most shows and movies are? Or do the show’s makers actually go on location to shoot the street scenes? Have a look at this tweet shared by CBS which confirms the answers to the previous questions:

New York City, USA

That’s right! In order to depict New York City as authentically as possible, ‘Blue Bloods’ is shot almost entirely on location in several boroughs of New York City including Queens, Brooklyn, East Village and multiple suburbs near the city.

Now, if you’re a lucky New Yorker, the cast and crew of ‘Blue Bloods’ might be spotted in a street near you. Watch out for signs and notices that inform the public if the show is going to be filmed in the locality any time soon since the show’s producers have generally been secretive about their filming locations to avoid major inconveniences. Take a look at one such notice that was spotted by fan in the city:

Some of the areas in the city where the show has been filmed include E 18th Street, Newkirk Plaza, Cortelyou Road, Beverly Park Road and streets near Broadway Station and Cummins Station. A lot of the times the crew can be spotted filming high-octane action sequences and you might just be fortunate to catch them doing so. For instance, one of the show’s many fans was delighted to catch an action sequence being filmed near her apartment and posted the following clip on twitter:

Commissioner Frank Reagan’s House

The head of the family, Commissioner Frank Reagan’s house serves to be an important location in the television series. Religiously, all the members of the family join each other for a family dinner at Frank’s house every Sunday.

The exterior shots of Frank’s home are taken at an actual house which is situated in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NYC. The cozy, antique looking house was built in the 1920s and has a colonial era aesthetic. However, the interior shots are filmed at a studio that has been set up in New York City.

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