Nayla Beydoun: Where is Carlos Ghosn’s Sister Now?

Netflix’s ‘Fugitive: The Curious Case of Carlos Ghosn’ delves into the fascinating story behind Carlos Ghosn, the executive responsible for turning Renault and Nissan’s fortunes and their eventual profitable alliance. However, he was also accused of financial misconduct in Japan before escaping the country while out on bail. In the documentary, the viewers hear from Nayla Beydoun, Carlos’ sister, who talks about what the family went through during everything that unfolded. So, if you’re wondering where she might be, here’s what we know.

Who is Nayla Beydoun?

Nayla Beydoun reminisced about Carlos’ childhood and said he was the brother anyone would love to have; she called him a magician. The family was always proud of the former’s achievements and stood behind him as he eventually became the CEO of Renault. Then, in 1999, the French establishment formed an alliance with Nissan after buying a stake in their company.

At the time, Carlos was influential in making it happen and was tasked with revitalizing the Japanese company close to bankruptcy. This meant a move to Japan, and Nayla remembered feeling shocked because they had nothing in common with the Asian country. However, Carlos turned Nissan’s fortunes around and became a popular figure in the country; there was a superhero manga comic series about his life that started being published in 2001.

In the documentary, Nayla also talks about a time when their cousin visited a restaurant in Japan with Carlos. The cousin remembered how everyone stood up and clapped when he entered. But things worsened in November 2018 when Carlos was arrested for alleged financial crimes, later staying under house arrest in the country. Initially, Nayla thought it was a mistake and that her brother would be released the next day. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.

Nayla Beydoun is Working for a Fire and Safety Company

During Carlos’ time on bail in Japan, Nayla said he sent a message through the consulate; he wanted the family to not talk to anyone and to be careful with phone calls. She remembered being scared and wanting to find someone who would help get her brother back home. Then, in December 2019, Carlos escaped Japan after he was smuggled in a box; he flew to Turkey in a private plane and, later, to Beirut, Lebanon.

Nayla mentioned being happy that the risky plan worked and felt better once her brother returned home. She has continued to stand behind Carlos ever since. From what we can tell, Nayla lives in Beirut with her husband and family. It appears she works for a fire and safety company as the Deputy Vice Chairman – Maintenance Director, Offshore Sales Department.

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