Where is Cyndi Harris Now?

Image Credit: ABC News/YouTube

When the investigators began looking at 12-year-old Anthony Harris as a potential suspect in a gruesome murder, his mother was understandably worried. But Cynthia Harris could only watch as her young son was taken into custody despite recanting his confession. ABC News’ ‘20/20: Gone Before The Storm’ focuses on the story behind Anthony’s wrongful conviction and the ordeal his family had to go through after that. But through it all, Cyndi stood behind her son, always believing in his innocence. So, if you’re wondering where she might be today, here’s what we know.

Who is Cyndi Harris?

Devan Duniver, a five-year-old, was found murdered on June 28, 1998. At the time, the Harris family lived in the same apartment as the Dunivers in New Philadelphia, Ohio. In the days that followed, the investigators questioned Anthony, but he provided conflicting statements regarding his whereabouts when Devan went missing. On July 2, 1998, they visited the Harris home and mentioned wanting Anthony and his brother, Michael, to come down to the station to look at a few photos.

But while Cyndi went to get her car keys, the officer asked Anthony to hop on in his car. By the time Cyndi got out, they had already left. On July 15, 1998, Cyndi went to the police station with her sons and was told that the children would undergo a voice stress test. Anthony was taken into an interview room first. But when Cyndi said she wanted to be in there, she was told it was important for Anthony to be alone with the interrogator.

Cyndi was then seated in an adjacent room with a mirror that allowed her to see what was going on. While the officers indicated she could hear the interview as well, that was not the case. During the session, Anthony confessed to the murder, but most of his statements weren’t consistent with the facts known at the time. Eventually, he asked to speak with Cyndi. At that time, Anthony recanted his confession, and when Cyndi questioned him repeatedly, he denied his involvement and said he was just scared. Soon after that, Cyndi asked for a lawyer.

Where is Cyndi Harris Now?

In March 1999, despite no evidence tying Anthony to the murder, he was convicted of killing Devan. Nevertheless, Cyndi was steadfast in the belief that her son was innocent and felt any sentence was unfair. She was ultimately proven right when Anthony’s conviction was overturned in 2000, with the court finding that the confession was coerced. In the years after that, Anthony went on to serve in the US Marines, something Cyndi was undoubtedly proud of. She said that everything that happened taught her son never to give up. Since then, it seems that Cyndi has maintained a low profile, and older reports last placed her in New Philadelphia.

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