Where Is Dan Rizzo Now?

The documentary series, ‘The Innocence Files,’ does a strategic investigation into the heart of many wrongful conviction cases. It not only exonerates the victims of judicial errors and bias but also shares its observations with proof. This helps the viewers understand the problem areas that we often overlook. In addition, it serves as a reminder for all those involved in the mentioned cases. 

Leon Brooks only lived for ten years post his exoneration. Individuals like Franky Carrillo and Alfred Brown saw their youth get compromised in the process, along with many others. Among the many prosecutors who have come under heat for this, Dan Rizzo remains important.

Who Is Dan Rizzo?

Dan Rizzo was the prosecutor who worked on Albert Dewayne Brown’s case. Brown was sentenced to prison for capital murder and robbery. He was sentenced to death row as a result. At the time, there was one piece of evidence that could have helped declare Brown’s innocence. It was the record of a phone call made by Brown to Ericka, his girlfriend at that time. Breck McDaniel, a supposed telephone expert, was given the task to find the landline records. He did not find any. However, years later, not only was there a record but also a mail McDaniel sent to Rizzo that included the call list. The written matter also stated that things were not in favor of Rizzo’s case.

In addition, Rizzo was present when Ericka was being coerced and scared to change her stance concerning Brown’s whereabouts. In the aftermath of the whole issue, Rizzo stands out like a sore thumb that led to Brown being wrongfully convicted.

Where Is Dan Rizzo Now?

Dan Rizzo has come under harsh criticism since the evidence, and its whereabouts came to light. His involvement was made public after this. All the while, Rizzo has staunchly refuted the claims. The blame has also been thrown around to the attorney’s assistant and other officers whose negligence may have been the cause of this. Rizzo’s attorney has been fending off the blame repeatedly. Though an earlier complaint was lodged by Brown, it was dismissed. As Brown and his lawyer pointed out in the documentary series, it could be the immunity that the District Attorneys are offered in Texas, which is almost impossible to penetrate. 

Dan Rizzo remains immune to all the evidence posited against him. Even though he is no longer an Assistant District Attorney, as per the State Bar of Texas’ website, he remains eligible to practice in Texas.  If, at a later juncture, he does get incriminated, then it might be one of the few times in history that a prosecutor will witness legal trials of this kind.

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